Survey Results Suggests Impact of Vaping Locations

While the majority of people will accept the use of e-cigarettes in general, others are not so lenient when it comes to standing around someone who is vaping. However, new results from a survey may suggest that how you feel about the use of electronic cigarettes will depend on where you are.

A total of 63% of us are generally accepting of the use of e-cigarettes around us in general according to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive. The survey was initially paid for by an electronic cigarette manufacturer.

Throughout the survey, respondents were queried with two simple questions:

– “If someone was using an electronic cigarette, or an e-cigarette, in close proximity to you, would it bother you?”

– “Would you approve or disapprove of someone using an e-cigarette in the following locations or do you have no opinion one way or the other?”

The locations listed included shopping centres, airplanes, bars and restaurants, office buildings, popular sporting event grounds, public transport and cinemas. According to Cleveland, the telephone survey revealed that out of 506 women and 505 men, a total of 58% of respondents reported back saying that if someone was to use an electronic cigarette at a sporting event, they would be fine with them ‘vaping’.

However, despite this rather high statistic, when it comes to environments such as shopping centres, bars, restaurants and offices, people don’t seem to be as accepting. At the very bottom of the acceptance pile sits the usage on airplanes where only 26% reported back saying that it wouldn’t bother them, closely followed by cinemas with 29% and public transport with 35%.

By compiling the results, researchers were able to recognise that overall more men than women reported back saying that the use of e-cigarettes around them wouldn’t bother them with 71% vs. 55%. In addition to this, it was also noted how more men than women were accepting of their use in bars and restaurants with 52% vs. 38%.

CEO and co-founder of North Carolina-based Company Mistic, John Wiesehan Jr, commented, “The survey was not conducted in anticipation of the Food and Drug Administration’s expected announcement, sometime this year, of new proposed regulations for the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes.”

“We did this survey more for our own education, to be blunt about it,” he added. “Some municipalities allow e-cigarettes, some don’t. Some are looking at how they want to handle it.”

Wiesehan also said that he “was a bit surprised that the acceptance at sporting events was as high as it was. Less surprising though was the reaction of seeing someone with an e-cigarette on an airplane.”

“I could see where people might be a little nervous in that situation.”

How do you feel about the use of electronic cigarettes and e liquid in and around indoor public places? Were your surprised by the results or do you agree with the results in that you’re not too fussed over the use of electronic cigarettes around you?

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