Taste The Rainbow – Be An E Cig Connoisseur


The beauty of enjoying an e cigarette is only enhanced by the variety of flavours the e liquids come in. There is a choice to suit every type of taste bud and there are some truly weird and wonderful concoctions up for grabs so take a look and test them out!


5-a-day Fruit Bowl


  • Britain’s favourite fruit, the crisp freshness of a crunchy apple is captured perfectly to enjoy on the go.


  • The subtly sweet taste of a banana is a familiar flavour and one that can be enjoyed by any palette, even one more inclined to vape than to chew.


  • The sharp citrus tang of a refreshing orange is easy to enjoy with a quick vape – with no peeling or pith related hassle.


  • Sweet and refreshing, the light taste of watermelon e juice is all the deliciousness without any of the mess from the real thing’s juice and pips.


Delectable Desserts

Apple Pie

  • There is something incredibly comforting about the wholesome goodness of an apple pie but for those with no time to sit down and demolish a slice, a quick puff is just the ticket.

Banana Split

  • Fashioned after the famous dessert invented in Pennsylvania, 1904 this flavour is an explosion of sweet and tangy sugary goodness; banana, vanilla, chocolate, crushed nuts, whipped cream and maraschino cherries – delicious.

Cherry Bakewell

  • The classic English tea time pastry, this mix of jam and almonds topped with fondant and a cherry is just sweet enough to be perfect without being sickly.

Lemon Meringue

  • A tasty way to clear the palate, this tangy citrus dessert is a favourite with its mix of tart filling and fluffy topping – all sensations and flavours captured perfectly in vapour form.


Treats for Sweet Teeth

Bubble Gum

  • The tasty sharpness of bubble gum is well loved by all ages and a lovely flavour to take in for a quick treat.

Candy Floss

  • The fairground flavour, candy floss is sugary sweet and evokes memories of picking apart a fluffy pink cloud of tasty goodness.


  • The unmistakeable taste of bitter sweet liquorice is a mix of sugary and aniseed tones; though it can be overpowering to eat, the subtle flavour is perfect for an e liquid.

Peanut Butter

The creamy nutty goodness of peanut butter and its ever-so-slightly sweet undertones make it the perfect e juice for those who don’t want to be overwhelmed by strong flavours.

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