The Dangers of Bad E-Liquid

When you’re shopping for accessories and e-liquid for your electronic cigarette, you might be tempted to cut corners and try to save money where you can.  After all, bottles of e-liquid can be expensive, depending where you order them from, and not everyone has the cash to hand to buy in bulk, which is often the best way to make savings.  But a word of caution; don’t be tempted to scrimp and save by buying just any old e-liquid.

Unofficial Sales

There’s a whole new breed of scam artists out there, mixing their own e-liquids on the cheap and trying to sell it to consumers to make a fast profit.  Whilst you’ll often find them peddling their wares on online auction sites, cheap vending places such as car boots & there are even those who have set up their own (very official looking) websites selling poor quality e-liquid and electronic cigarettes.

The Risks

Whilst e-liquid is not known to pose any risks to health, those making e-liquid from non-food grade ingredients could be creating something which is harmful to e-cig smokers.  E-liquid content varies depending on where you buy it from, with some purists claiming that e-liquid manufactured in Asia is of inferior quality to UK-made e-liquid.  Whilst this is not quite correct, it’s true that all liquids taste different and may be manufactured in a slightly different way, it’s usually a case of personal preference when it comes to flavour and strength.  By purchasing un-sealed bottles of e-liquid from an unknown retailer, how do you really know what you’re inhaling into your lungs?  Just as you wouldn’t buy un-sealed packages of food online, why should you take risks when it comes to ordering liquid for your e-cigarette?  You might not think there are many risks involved in purchasing poor quality or fake liquid, but you could put yourself at risk of nicotine overdose, toxicological poisoning or an allergic reaction.  Prolonged use could cause degeneration of your body’s organs and lead to serious damage in the long term.

Spotting Fakes

So, how do you know whether the e-liquid you are buying is genuine and safe to use?  The first clue lies in where you’re purchasing it from.  You should use a reputable website that you trust – take the time to check out their customer reviews and read the information available about their products.  It’s a much better idea to pay a little more for your bottles and buy from a reputable dealer rather than trying to cut corners and save money buying from a tiny website, when you have no idea where their stock has come from.  Bottles of e-liquid should always be sealed and have Chip Compliant labelling and packaging, as this is a sure sign of quality.  If you’re in any doubt about the contents of e-liquid for sale, don’t be afraid to contact the website and ask!

The Real Deal

Genuine e-liquid is produce in hygienic, laboratory conditions, where qualified staff pay careful attention to the correct nicotine dose for each product.  Only natural extracts and food grade products safe for human consumption are used, and each bottle is checked, sealed and packaged with Chip Compliant labelling, to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting.

It’s far better to spend a little more on a product which not only tastes great, but won’t harm your health, and by avoiding fake e-liquid, you can take part in the fight to put these websites out of business for good, ensuring that high quality e-liquid is the only type available on the market for consumers.

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