The Kanger EVOD Review

The Kanger EVOD is the best bottom coil clearomizer, in the market today. It is an excellent device that outperforms the other clearomizers in the market. It suits both, the beginner and the advanced vapor alike.

I used the T2 and T3, but it was really difficult to vape them well. I had to vape them upside down, in order to wick well. The Kanger EVOD is much advanced in this regard. They are the exact size as the T3. But, the Kanger EVOD has a built-in drip tip. Unlike the baby T3’s bottle nipple; the Kanger wicks incredibly well. The base of the Kanger is a little thinner and not knurled. Hence, it would fit in the well of more mods than the T3.

The EVOD comes in many colors such as green, purple, red and black. It is made of stainless steel and has a smooth sleek look. The EVOD is a much advanced version from Kanger than their previous T3 versions. It provides good vapor and great taste going in and out. Good juice would taste better with the EVOD.

The EVOD is harder and would not wear out, over time. It has a 1.8-2.0 ohm coil. Since, it is a bottom coil unit; the vapor is much cooler than a top coil unit. The vapor is delivered in large amounts and is more satisfying than any other, Kanger line of products. The advantage of a bottom coil unit is that there is no need for regular tipping, in order to keep the wicks wet. The mouthpiece is attached to the tank. In order to refill the EVOD, you need to take it off the battery and turn it upside down. Then you could remove the base and refill the e-liquid and put it back together.

I have been using the Kanger EVOD for over a week now; there had not been a single leak or dry hit so far. It has lived up to the mark, every single time during this one week of usage. The 1.5ml liquid capacity hadn’t created any problem for me, though some people would prefer a much larger liquid capacity. But, if the EVOD had more space to refill; it would have drawn more air with each refill. Hence, they must have limited it to 1.5ml.
I only had to unwrap the product and it was working well. This is one of the best products that would work, straight out of the box.

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