Top 10 E Juice Inspired Recipes To Try This Pancake Day


Pancakes! They’re good for breakfast, great for lunch and delicious for dinner! Sweet or savoury, scotch or crepe, there’s a pancake for everybody and that is why you’re probably excited that Pancake Day is just a few weeks away!

Yes, Tuesday 4th March is coming and the prospect of being able to consume an inhuman amount of these fluffy, tasty treats should be more than enough to put a smile on your face. In honour of this glorious day of pancakes, we have compiled a list of ten pancake recipes inspired by your favourite e juice flavours:

  1. Lemon

If you’re a fan of Lemon e juice then you will enjoy ye old faithful pancake with a dash of lemon and a sprinkle of sugar. This classic combination goes down a treat and once you start a stack of them you will find it near impossible to put your fork down

Look at this classic lemon pancake recipe

  1. Peanut Butter

Vaping Peanut Butter can be a very tasty experience but indulging in a stack of crunchy peanut butter flavoured pancakes takes the taste experience to a whole new level and one or two can turn into three or ten very easily

Try either this recipe or this one

  1. Bonfire Toffee

Bonfire Toffee e liquid is probably a particular favourite of yours if you have a sweet tooth. If you want to give your sweet tooth an extra toffee-flavoured treat then sticky toffee pancakes are a very good choice

Give this recipe a go

  1. Chocolate Silk

Chocolate Silk e juice is a guiltless pleasure with all the taste of the fancy French treat without any of the calories! Chocolate of any sort – chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles – works well on pancakes but the actual Chocolate French Silk pancake is the definition of delicious

Check out these Chocolate French Silk pancakes

  1. Custard

As far as e juices go, Custard is a smooth and sweet flavour to vape. Custard – hot or cold – is also one of the best toppings for most desserts so it stands to reason that custard pancakes will work a treat. If you want to double up your dose of custard then mix some up to pour on top!

Try this recipe – or this one

  1. Chocolate Banana

Chocolate Banana e juice is a delicate blend of fruity flavouring and chocolate-y goodness Having chocolate and bananas with pancakes is even better because not only does it mean you get a sugary sweet pancake but you also get one of your five a day! Who know chocolate pancakes could be so good for you?

Try this recipe

  1. Coconut Cream

The sweet but refreshing flavour of Coconut Cream e liquid is a treat that isn’t too sickly. Coconut is also a great flavour to add to sweet dishes (like pancakes!) because it complements sugar nicely which means coconut flavoured pancakes have a nice, subtle taste

Try these pancakes

  1. Strawberry

If you’re a fan of Britain’s favourite berry in your e cig then you are most likely a fan of the fruit in most dishes too. Strawberries are not only healthy treats, they are sweet and juicy which makes them the perfect addition to a stack of fluffy pancakes!

Click here for the recipe

  1. Cappuccino

Coffee isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you need a decaf fix then Cappuccino e juice is a great choice. Adding coffee flavouring to sweet treats like pancakes can give the dish a richer taste, a bit of a kick and a fun twist – so why not give cappuccino flavoured pancakes a go this Pancake day?

See the recipe here

  1. Vanilla

The ultimate subtle flavour, Vanilla e liquid is perfect for a delicate vape –not too strong, not too sickly. Vanilla is also one of the most popular culinary flavours, especially in baking and mixed in with a classic pancake recipe, a hint of vanilla can make your pancakes extra special without overwhelming you with flavour

Check out the recipe here

These recipes should keep you more than busy this pancake day but if you need more inspiration then browse out selection of e juice flavours and find (or create) a pancake recipe to match!

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