Tougher Regulations For E-Cigarette Advertisement

According to campaign live, the CAP (committees of advertising practice) have recently launched a consultation that is open to the general public with a vision of clamping down on e-cigarette adverts and enforcing new regulations on the advertisement of electronic cigarettes.

These regulations will be designed to tackle the issue of glamourizing the act of ‘vaping’ or ‘smoking’ to those under the age of 18 as well as ensuring that e-cig companies do not promote their product as a medicinal device or make health claims about their product.

Below are the proposals that will be decided upon during the consultation:

– “Specific rules designed to offer protection to the young, the vulnerable and to non and former users of nicotine. This includes prohibiting e-cigarette ads from appealing to under-18’s or showing anyone under the age of 25 using an e-cigarette”

– “Rules that address concerns about the indirect promotion of tobacco products via the advertisement of e-cigarettes.”

– “Proposals to prohibit health or medicinal claims being made for e-cigarettes unless the product is licensed for those purposes.”

– “A requirement for advertisers to make clear that the product being advertised is an e-cigarette and whether or not it contains nicotine.”

In addition, the advertisement of electronic cigarettes will also be affected by past tobacco prohibitions meaning that promoters or companies selling these devices cannot indirectly advertise tobacco-based products. This may mean making a comparison to cigarettes.

On the topic of the proposals, CAP quoted that they will “take into account the product’s potential for harm, addiction and association with tobacco but they do not seek to answer the question of their proper use i.e. whether they should be used recreationally, as a smoking cessation device or at all.”

Shahriar Coupal, CAP secretary, quoted “The market for e-cigarettes is fast-growing and the existing rules haven’t been able to give advertisers the clarity they need. By proposing new specific rules, we’re providing a clear framework for responsible advertising.”

The advertisement consultation opened on the 27th of February 2014 and is due to finalise on the 28th of April 2014.

How do you feel about the advertisement of electronic cigarette starter kits? Do you believe that they should be put under tougher regulations in order to ensure the safety of our children?

Here at Cloudstix, we stand by a strict over 18 policy and therefore do not aim to glamourize the effects of smoking traditional cigarettes or the use of an e-cigarette to those below this threshold in any way. We ask only that you respect this policy.

If you are over the age of 18 and are looking to purchase a less harmful and significantly cheaper alternative to the use of tobacco based cigarettes, we offer a diverse range of starter kits, accessories and mods and e-liquids designed to enhance your vaping experience with us as a company.

If you have any queries about any of our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our polite and professional customer service team today for more information.

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