Traditional Cigarettes vs E Cigarettes

ecig vs fag

Electronic cigarettes are an ideal option for those who do not want to kick their habits but simply diminish the unappealing factors that come with ordinary smoking. It is true that e cigarettes have many benefits over the use of traditional cigarettes however, understanding these advantages is just as important as knowing what you can achieve by switching to this alternative.

The Smell

For starters, it is a classic hallmark that cigarettes smell. Sadly no matter how spray you may spritz on your fingertips and clothes the odour is just as stubborn as you are when it comes to eliminating the smell of smoke altogether.

Unfortunately, it is an honest fact that the odour not only clings but also goes stale making the smell worse. In addition, many find this distinctive smell to be quite offensive and do their best to avoid close contact. As a smoker, you may not notice this smell so much since you are constantly immersed in it however to non-smokers and ex-smokers, the smell is a little too noticeable for their liking.

The reason why cigarette smoke smells so unappealing is because you’re burning chemicals and air in addition to the actual tobacco. When burnt, properties in these substances enable them to cling to all sorts including hair, furniture, clothes and so on.

E cigarettes, however, eliminate this issue by using vapour alone instead of tobacco and tar. As the vapour evaporates almost immediately, many find the smell to be non-existent if not pleasant depending on the chosen flavour.

The Cost

For any smoker currently reading this article, I think we can all relate to the fact that cigarettes are not cheap these days and range from the prices of £6 to even £12 a packet. Moreover, if you’re a pack-a-day smoker you could end up spending hundreds each month on a bad habit. However, there is a way out of this financial dilemma. E Cigarettes can cut your financial indulges by as much as half each month due to the fact that e liquid can last you a long longer depending on how often you use it and is relatively cheaper to purchase on today’s market.


Despite common misconceptions, E cigarettes are actually much safer than traditional cigarettes for more reasons than one. Firstly, cigarettes left alight are a common cause of house fires and burns however; as an e cigarette requires nothing but electricity from an internal battery you diminish this risk immediately. For this exact reason you also reduce the risk of burning your furniture and clothes which can prove to be an irritating and costly scenario.

Another reason why e cigarettes are safer is they do not facilitate passive smoking. Passive smoking can cause serious damage to the body and can lead to numerous mental and physical complications, some of which are incredibly hard to treat.

Let’s take a look at some of the consequences of second-hand smoking:

  • For non-smokers, passive smoking has instant harmful effects on a person’s cardiovascular system. This may increase their chances of having a heart attack by as much as 30% and those who show symptoms of heart disease are at greater risk of heart attack.
  • Passive smoking can also increase a non-smoker’s chance of developing lung cancer by a staggering 30% when exposed to second-hand smoke in a workplace or home environment.

Overall, e cigarettes are safer, more economical and more pleasant than traditional cigarettes for public and domestic use. If you’d like to order your first ever electronic cigarette starter kit or for advice on how an e cigarette can benefit your lifestyle please get in touch with Cloudstix today.

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