Should vaping be encouraged in the workplace?

When the smoking ban was introduced in the UK, for long term smokers, it took some getting used to. You could no longer smoke in pubs and clubs, restaurants or even in the workplace. However, with e-cigarettes becoming ever more popular, establishments have had to weigh up and decide whether they will or won’t allow the use of the device in their premises.


Notably, Asda and Wetherspoons have outright banned their use in their stores but when it comes to the workplace, the situation gets a little more complicated and is largely up to the discretion of the employer. After all, it is visually similar to smoking and while various studies have shown the vapour they produce to been largely harmless to others, some may still dislike people vaping around them.


While vapers should never assume that they are entitled to use e-cigs at work and should always consult with management before doing so, there are several arguments as to why workplaces should allow e-cigs.


Workforce Satisfaction


It is likely that a number of people in any given workplace are going to be smokers and, given the recent increase in vaping, some of them may well make the switch to an e-cigarette starter kit. Nicotine is undeniably addictive and if staff members are limited to the number of cigarette breaks they are entitled to, it is possible that they can become irritable and snappy, traits that shouldn’t be encouraged in a working environment; this is only aggravated further if they are trying to quit. However, if they have switched to e-cigs, by allowing them in the workplace you can ensure that you have a satisfied and happy employee who isn’t worrying about their nicotine intake and can instead crack on with the job at hand.


Reduction in Lost Work Time


Smoking is a habit that you have to make time for. Though this time is usually in the form of a crafty five minute fag break, these moments add up. The Society of Occupational Medicine has calculated and published an article that claims that up to an hour a day can be lost to smoking. It’s obvious that productivity is being affected by this and, by allowing e-cigs in the workplace, organisations are effectively stubbing out (forgive the pun) this problem. As e-cigs can be used indoors, this means that work is largely unaffected by an employee’s nicotine intake.


Passive Vaping is Harmless


If you peruse the rest of our blog, then you will see that there is an overwhelming and ever growing body of evidence that shows vapour created by an e-cig is harmless to others. They do not contain the myriad of dangerous, and carcinogenic, chemicals that are present in tobacco smoke. The vapour is made up primarily of water and any chemicals that are present are of such negligible amounts that they pose next to no risk to the user and none to anyone in the vicinity.


As mentioned, you should never assume that you can vape around others, the technology and the habit is largely new and the majority of people remain uninformed. However, it is your responsibility to help educate them on the social, financial and health benefits that come with e-liquid when compared to tobacco.


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