Could Vaping Go Out In Smoke?

The vaping industry is never without controversy or media attention, but a recent legal challenge between the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and the e-cigarette supplier Totally Wicked,  has meant that the industry will need to come together to ensure the law is not passed.

If you’re not aware, the Tobacco Products Directive was adopted by the European Parliament on 3rd April 2014 and has many implementations underway, including Article 20 relating to the supply and use of e-cigarettes.

Due to the 12 statements within the article which boast of unrealistic expectations for the industry, many have challenged the points due to a lack of research, and so to ensure that the industry will not falter under misguided conceptions, Cloudstix are supporting the challenge made by Totally Wicked, and we’d implore you to sign the petition.

It was only last month the ASH report confirmed that e-cigarettes were proving a success for those wishing to stop their traditional smoking habits, and we’re committed to reducing the toll of the effects of smoking by ensuring that we supply a health alternative which we know changes people’s lives.

As a vaper, there are many reasons to support this challenge . . .

  • A 2ml tank capacity limit means that you’ll no longer be able to purchase the devices you are using now. With a clear ban on tanks over the 2ml limit.


  • Your choice of e-liquid will be limited, as strict regulations around fluid and emissions testing will cause artisan e-liquid suppliers unable to compete with large manufacturers, and even they will be restricted to what they’re aloud to offer.


  • Nicotine strength will be restricted so that only 20mg/ml will only be available, leaving heavy smokers less likely to be able to satisfy their craving, ultimately leaving them vulnerable to their traditional smoking habits.


  • All e-cigarette devices will be the same! ‘Leak free refilling’ is set to create an industry standard that must be met by all suppliers, leaving the vast majority of refillable and rebuildable products your using, completely redundant.


Of course like with many product laws, the impact will not only be felt by ‘you’ the vapers, but also by the suppliers and manufacturers that have been in this industry since it began.

With restrictions on advertising making us unable to inform customers to make a healthy alternative, and with a standardised refill mechanism becoming mandatory, the scope for design and innovation is crushed.

What is a vibrant market for change from the traditional blight of smoking, could become obsolete in the face of a law document that holds no evidential grounds.


Sign the petition HERE and join the battle against Article 20 today!




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