What is variable voltage and variable wattage in electronic cigarettes?


Is your electronic cigarette not satisfying enough? You may think you just need a higher nicotine to liquid ratio to give you that desired effect? Although the amount of nicotine is a serious factor you should think about. There are alternative ways on gaining a thicker vape or harder throat hit.

When using a standard e-cig, the battery will typically be around 3.7 volts and the atomiser (tank) around 2.4 ohms (resistance). If this standard set up isn’t quite doing it for you, there are steps that can be taken to improve your e-cigarette experience. With this standard setup you could expect the vapour production of the e-cig to be around a 5.5 watt output. The higher the watt output you have the thicker the vape will be, there are steps that can be taken that result in a higher watt output. This involves changing either the atomiser or the battery.


Variable Wattage E-cigs explained

If you’re after a better e-smoking experience, one of the first steps to take would be to swap to a lower resistance atomiser. This is because the output of watt is calculated by squaring the voltage of the battery and dividing it by the resistance of the atomiser (watts= Voltage2/resistance), so the lower the resistance atomiser you have, the higher watt you will gain. We stock a wide range of atomisers on our online store, the Kanger Subtank has a lower resistance than typical atomisers and it also sports a 6ml capacity which is considerably larger than most typical tanks – with consistent 5 star ratings on our site for this product it’s well worth a look. The lower resistance and bigger capacity will result in a longer thicker e-cig experience.


Variable voltage in e-cigarettes

Changing the battery is the next step you would take if you are still not satisfied after changing the atomiser. Although you could quite simply swap to a higher voltage battery, I would recommend using a variable voltage battery. These batteries enable you to alter the voltage output and thus the wattage output by using buttons on the battery chamber. These types of batteries are aimed at more seasoned vapers due to the complexity but really, they aren’t that difficult to get the hang of. We currently stock the Smoktech Xpro M50 & the innokin MVP 3 which are variable batteries. The smoktech xpro specific battery is capable of producing up to a 65 watt output which is considerably higher than that of a standard e-cig, this will result in a glorious thick vapour. It is compatible with 0.2-4.0 ohms atomisers which means you could use just about any tank with it. It is very reasonably priced for its capability and will provide a great experience for any e-smoker.


Is it right for me?

Variable wattage and variable voltage in electronic cigarettes allows users to change the settings of there device to give them better falvours, throat hits and vapes for a totally personalised vaping experience. Advanced settings can be trickier to master for beginner/intermediate vapers so if your are looking for a simple e-cig to get you started then I would suggest using the Single CE4 Starter Kit this e-cig comes as a starter kit and will include everything you need to get started including a free 10ml blue sky liquid available in many different flavours and strengths.


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