“What’s your flavour? Tell me what’s your flavour”

Nope this isn’t some sort of Craig David tribute article, but an article which looks to uncover the most popular flavours of E-liquids currently on the UK market. 2008 saw the steady rise of the electronic cigarette (E-cig) into the general public’s consciousness (and mouths). Coming with a flurry of benefits that ranged from health to economics, the E-cig established itself as an apt alternative to convention cigarettes.

Claiming to taste and feel just like its tobacco-based counterpart, it was given a tentative initial reception. It was safe to say; people were sceptical of the e-cigs ability to deliver on its promises, not to mention the social/aesthetic stigma that came ‘part and parcel.’

Fast forwarding to 2014 it is estimated that there are now around 2m users of e-cigs according to a BBC article, with the number expected to rise as more people make the switch to e-cigs.

I’m sure every single one of the 2m e-cig users has their own favourite e-liquid flavour. But which one are the most popular?

According to a recent survey conducted, Tobacco and Menthol came top in the “Most popular Cartomiser flavour category.” 45% of all votes cast went in favour of tobacco, which was closely followed by menthol at 37%, the fruitier flavours like vanilla and cherry lagged far behind on 9 and 6 %.

The next study looked at the “Eight most popular E-liquid flavours.” The data this time round was a lot more widespread. In terms of flavour American Red came in top with a slender 9%, the outright winner in however was Menthol. I would assume the remaining 27% which was unaccounted for would’ve been spread across the remaining flavours.

The final study “Flavours people most want to try next,” was a close run race. Bubblegum narrowly beat off competition from both Pineapple Coconut Rum and Virginia Smooth to come out on top. The joint runners up sat on 10%, with Bubblegum on 11%.

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