What’s The Best Flavoured E liquid?

The good thing about electronic cigarettes is that it breaks the monotony of smoking. The old traditional flavors of tobacco can now be altered to other kinds like fruits, favorite drinks or even herbs. Electronic cigarettes are now becoming a part of life, and it is expected to be favored than the conventional ones as the years progress.

Vapor in different E liquid flavours

Electronic cigarettes make use of vapor instead of smoke. This is by the power of batteries and cartridge. These two are the basic parts of e-cigarettes that should be maintained by the owners. The battery extends the life of the smoking gadget, and the cartridge maintains the quality of vapor produced. Now, the only thing to consider is the flavor that the owner will love. Here are the top choices of best flavoured e liquid:

The top five E liquid flavours

  1. Menthol Flavors – menthol flavors still are at the top choice of many e-cigarettes owners. Menthol has a property that can relax and calm the nerves. It also is said to refresh the mind and deliver a good mood.
  2. Alcohol Affair – those who smoke and drink can now enjoy the convenience of both in one smoking gadget. This flavor is one of the best flavoured e liquid, most chosen by older people. It has a distinct hint of alcohol without the annoying scent of it.
  3. Fruity Scents – Fruity scents or flavors are popular among women. People who have sweet tooth also prefer this flavor as it somehow replaces the calorie-packed desserts usually eaten after a sumptuous meal. Now a vapor of strawberry, orange or banana can be puffed instead of sweets.
  4. Cola Flavors – Cola is still at the top charts of the best flavored e-liquid. It is popular among younger generations as it provides a subtle taste of the old-time favorite cola. This is the one to choose during a snack, at whatever convenient possible.
  5. Old Tobacco Taste – People who still crave for the conventional flavors of tobacco can still use this flavor. This is usually the choice of people who want to quit smoking, or lessen the symptoms related to quitting tobacco smoking.

These are the top five best flavoured e liquid of all time. People from every parts of the world continue advocate electronic cigarettes not just for its health reasons, but different flavors of vapors too. There are different stores offering e-liquids but the best ones are available at EVOD. For more information about electronic cigarettes, visit their official website today.

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