Worldwide E-Cig Survey Submitted For Medical Journal

When it comes to the topic of electronic cigarettes, more than a handful of health experts and members of the general public alike are sceptical over the safety and effectiveness of the device. Despite the controversy surrounding ecigs, there are a few researchers willing to prove the sceptics wrong through in-depth studies into the physical and mental effects of e-cigarettes. One of these researchers is Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos.

According to e-cigarette-summit, “Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos is a cardiologist, working as a researcher at Onassis cardiac surgery center in Athens-Greece and at Medical Imaging Research Center, University Hospital Gathuisberg in Leuven-Belgium.”

“He has been actively performing research on electronic cigarettes since 2011 as a principle investigator, in both clinical and laboratory level. Examples of his work include the first study on the cytotoxic effects of electronic cigarette vapour on cultured cells and the immediate effects of electronic cigarettes used on cardiac function and coronary circulation.”

In addition to this, this well-known researcher also performed a world-wide study involving almost 20,000 vapers last summer. It’s exciting to know that this survey has now been analysed, reviewed and sent for approval for publication in a medical journal. As a little insight into the study, according to ecigaretteresearch, 81% of candidates reported back saying that they had completely substituted the use of traditional tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes while the remaining percentage of respondents had reduced their overall cigarette consumption “from a median of 20 to 4 cigarettes per day.”

Furthermore, over a fifth of all 19,441 candidates “initiated e-cigarette use with more than 20mg/ml nicotine containing liquids.”

The team of researchers at e-cigarette research go on to say, “we are always presenting data in a responsible and objective way. We have made clear in the manuscript that these results cannot be extrapolated to the general population because it is expected that dedicated users participate to such surveys.”

They add, “For example, we cannot expect that in the general population 81% of e-cigarette users will completely substitute smoking with them. However, we believe this survey will enhance our current knowledge about the characteristics of e-cigarette users and will provide valuable information to the regulatory authorities.”

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