The A-Z of E-cigs

If you’re a lover of random facts and e-cigs then you’re in the right place. As we give you the A-Z of E-C.I.G (just so you know X, Y & Z probably won’t make any sense).

According to an article in The Guardian, there are supposedly over 2 million E-cig users in Britain alone.

Burn? What burn? Electronic cigarettes don’t require lighters as they are powered by lithium batteries.

Compared to conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are considerably healthier.

Don’t smell! Admittedly a tad blunt there but it’s true, smoking an E-cig won’t leave you smelling like a burnt piece of toast.

Electronic cigarettes have even caught the eye (or more specifically mouths) of celebrities. Leonardo Dicaprio, Bruno Mars, Katherine Heigl and Jenny McCarthy are among the growing number of celebrities who have jumped on the E-cig wagon.

Flavours upon flavours. Electronic cigarette’s repertoire of flavours grows larger year upon year.  Check out Cloudstix’s amazing array of E-liquid flavours.

Get back indoors. A lot of establishments nowadays like pubs and clubs allow E-cig users to vape indoors.

Helping you to quit. It is widely thought that electronic cigarettes can aid in the quitting process. An article in the Daily Mail suggests that its 60% more effective than patches and gum.

It would be in China that the first Electronic would be produced (EggBoss site).

Juice or more specifically “E-juice/E-liquid” now comes in a variety of interesting flavours which include Bubblegum, Candyfloss and Pina Colada.

Keep your electronic cigarette in pristine condition with an e-cig case.

LED lights are a common feature of E-cigarettes.

Most people don’t understand the rules and regulation surrounding electronic cigarettes in public places.

Now you’re in control. With an E-cig you have far my choice and control over how and what you use. For example, nicotine levels and flavouring are both at your discretion.

Out with tobacco and in with nicotine. E-cigs don’t contain any tobacco whatsoever!

Passing fad? Hardly. Electronic cigarettes have been picking up steam (vapour) for a number year’s now.

Quick and convenient, e-cigs are incredibly simple to operate – your Nan could do it!

Robert West, professor of health psychology at University College London, told delegates at the 2013 E-Cigarette Summit at London’s Royal Society that “literally millions of lives” could be saved. (BBC article)

Social norm. In a BBC poll 1000 people from London were asked whether they were comfortable with people using E-cigs in close vicinity.  They found that 75% of respondents were fine with e-cig use, whereas only 25% were not okay with its use.

The UK’s medicines regulatory body MHRA therefore believes that e-cigarettes could help save 57,000 lives in the UK over the next decade

Users of electronic cigarettes reckon that under EU controls many lives could be at risk. Click here for the full story

Visit to order all your E-cigs and e-cig accessories from the comfort of your own home.

With healthy living regarded as an important focal point; E-cigs come at a crucial time when around 86% of lung cancer deaths in the UK are caused by tobacco smoking, according to Cancer Research UK.

X (ex) smokers when asked by the BBC why they started using electronic cigarettes 71% said they wanted help giving up smoking. Among smokers, 48% said wanted to reduce the amount of tobacco they smoked and 37% said they used e-cigarettes to save money.

You stand to save a notable amount of “wonga” (cash) by switching to Electronic cigarettes.

Zap your nicotine cravings with a safer, healthier alternative!

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