Eu Proposed ban on e cigs (updated)

So it seems like the EU are at it again and although the ban on electronic cigarettes was overturned in October last year they are now trying to impose restrictions that will make the electronic cigarette unattractive to the user.

The regulations will change the face of the electronic cigarette market and the ease of use, standard of tank and access to good strength e liquid will be abolished.

Cloudstix are now part of the fight back against this which have formed together under the EFVI (European Free Vaping Initiative).

The list of the problems with this new regulation that cry out loud for remedy is practically endless:

  • It leaves about the 25% of current and future electronic cigarette users behind, completely ignoring their needs.
  • It imposes arbitrary limits on consumer choice, based on misinterpreted scientific evidence.
  • It enforces safety measures that protect from nothing but instead create new problems.
  • It bans solutions that are results of natural product evolution and answers to valid consumer needs, pushing an industry segment back to its stone age.
  • It introduces such manufacturer and vendor regulations that practically halt further product developments.
  • It opens loopholes for the national governments to circumvent the fact that electronic cigarettes are not medicinal products, a fact backed by the European Parliament, court verdicts, science and common sense.
  • It allows member states to violate basic principles of the European Union.
  • And so on...

What is being done about this ?

Cloudstix and other members of the vaping community are asking all customers to please visit and complete the details to voice your totally disagreement with this decision.

If we get enough signatures then the EU will be forced to rethink these regulations and will have to answer questions in front of a select audience that will question the motives behind these decisions.

With scientists and professors all backing our argument now is the time to push for a rethink because we believe they cannot class an electronic cigarette in the same bracket as a regular cigarette and that is what we are facing.

So please, please , please head over to and pledge your free support to our fight against these terrible thought out regulations.

Many thanks.