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About Us

Cloudstix.com was founded after we noticed many of our competitors taking advantage of the electronic cigarette boom and charging high prices for their starter kits and e liquid.


Both founders of the company had family members that smoked and had purchased an expensive electronic cigarette starter kit. The family members found the products to be much better than normal cigarettes in terms of costs  but often found they would break or not function correctly.



After searching for a cheaper supplier of electronic cigarettes for our family members we began to see the size of the margins that UK businesses were attaching to their products. Appalled at this we struck a deal with a reputable global supplier and decided to make the purchase and consumption of electronic cigarettes much more affordable to the UK & Mainland Europe.



Having worked very closely with our manufacturers we started to supply electronic cigarette starter kits & products that were the equivalent of our competitors in the UK, the only difference was our products cost between 10 - 40% cheaper to the consumer.



Having enjoyed huge success we then went on to bring the next generation of starter kits to the UK market. Since launching they have been loved in the UK and Europe and continue to go from strength to strength. You only have to read some of our testimonials to see the reaction they have had in the UK.