Are Electronic Cigarettes Legal In The UK

An Electronic cigarette or e cigarette does not contain tobacco or produce passive smoke. Passive smoke generated from tobacco cigarettes and cigars is the prime concern of the smoking ban because non-smokers are forced to inhale tobacco smoke without choice.

The electronic cigarette is not governed by the smoking ban or restricted by tobacco laws due to the cigarette construction and contents. The electric cigarette is also not subject to the high tobacco tax rates. Loss of tobacco tax revenue is a concern for governments worldwide not to mention the huge loss of profits for the pharmaceutical industry and tobacco empires as more smokers switch to electronic cigarettes.

In terms of the law, the Cloudstix electronic cigarette can be used, with the proprietor's permission, in any premises that was affected by the introduction of the Health Act 2006.

Lets look at a summary of the current laws

As electronic cigarettes are not lit and do not produce smoke they are exempt from the UK smoking ban and can be used in public places legally.

As they look like normal cigarettes expect some raised eyebrows and a fair bit of interest – we would recommend a demonstration to the premise owner 1st to get their permission.

Ecigs cannot be marketed as Nicotine Replacement Therapy as they do not have the required license.

Most sellers require you to be over 18 in order to purchase any e cig related product.

There has been no official position yet from the UK government but policy advisors are looking into it (comments to date have been favourable).

The electronic cigarette is legal right now in the UK but it can’t be sold as an NRT as they do not have the license for this. Most sellers, including ourselves and our network of retailers in the UK are all required to sell to purchasers over 18, the legal age for tobacco products. The product might not contain tobacco but as most cartridges contain nicotine, an addictive substance, we think this is a good move.