Aspire ET-S Glass

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Aspire ET-S Glass

The Aspire ET-S Glass is a beautiful atomizer that screams quality from the very second you lay your eyes on it. The mouthpiece funnels the vapour so well and looks/feels very luxurious when vaping from. The Aspire ET-S has a glorious 2.4ml glass tank that enhances every e liquid flavour available. The glass tank is reinforced with an alliuminiun sheild that has a visible window to view the liquid in the tank.

The Aspire ET-S is powered by a dual coil atomizer and packs a very nice throat hit and creates a lovely vapour cloud.

It comes in 5 different colours black, stainless steel, red, blue and pink so you really can match any battery to this amazing tank.

The only downside to this atomizer is that it can drain your battery slightly faster than a single coil tank due to the amps required to power this beast of a tank.

The tank can be taken apart into 4 different pieces making it very easy to clean and of course you change the atomizer coil inside at just £2.50 each or a 5 pack for £10.00


Why buy the Aspire ET-S Glass

  • It is one of the highest quality atomizers on the planet in its price range.
  • It has dual coil atomizers which deliver fantastic throat hit and vapour clouds.
  • It costs very little to replace the atomizers.
  • The Glass tank really enhances the flavour of the e liquid.
  • It holds a really nice 2.4ml of e liquid.
  • The atomizer can be changed whilst liquid is still inside.

Congratulations on choosing the amazing Aspire range atomizer. Below you will find the very simple instructions needed to get your atomizer up and running.

Step 1 filling the tank.

Filling the Aspire is so easy. Simply turn the unit upside down so the base is facing upwards. Now unscrew the base from the thread until it comes away and reveals the inner tank. Take note that the element for this unit is located in the now unscrewed base and this in-turn can be removed when the atomizer burns out to be replaced with genuine Aspire atomizers only.

Now take either your needle bottle or your e liquid bottle and place the nozzle inside the tank and rest it on the outer wall. You can see where the nozzle is through the windown in the tank. This is made even easier if you tilt the tank about 45 degrees. Now gently squeeze the e liquid bottle torelease the juice into the tank, do this slowly and steady to ensure no spillage / leakage. Continue to do this until the liquid has almost covered the viewing window taking extreme caution not to let the liquid flow over and into the centre column.

Step 2 reassembling the device.

Now you need to screw the base back into the main tank by holding the tank and screwing the base downwards into the unit. Continue to screw until the threads are sealed to avoid leakage.

Before attaching the device to your battery turn the tank the correct way up and leave the unit to sit for 2-3 minutes to allow the atomizer time to soak the e liquid into the system.

Step 3 taking your first inhale from the Aspire.

We highly recommend that you hold the button down on your battery for a second before inhaling on this device. This will give you the optimum throat hit and vapor cloud and will also reduce the chances of you drawing pure e liquid into the centre column which will of course drain into your mouth/battery.

Take a steady inhale for 3 - 5 seconds on the device before exhaling and releasing the vapor cloud.

Repeat this process until your craving for nicotine has gone.

If you require any further help then please contact our customer service team on or call our local rate telephone number  0845 257 6543 and speak to a member of our team. Please not call costs my vary if you call from a mobile.

Thank you for choosing a Cloudstix Aspire, we hope you love the product.

| 13 reviews
Brought this today and it's alot better than my tank I use to have may need come down on.liquid though 18 is a bit strong but great tank!
| 13 reviews
Top class vaping.clean and inteanse flavour when vaping and looks good too.easy to clean also.highly recommended.
| 13 reviews
Had the Aspire BDC now for a week,im amazed how long the battery lasts on the innokin MVP 2.0 with the aspire,i usually use kanger protanks but this beats them hands down,2.4 ml liquid tank is great it lasts at least 1/2 a day for me,i was filling evod at least 4 times a day,so two fills is fantastic,great taste,loads of vapour,love it :)
| 13 reviews
Had one of these for at-least two months now, the best chamber I have used yet still feel that I need more vapor, definitely buy a decent battery with this chamber, it tastes much nicer,lasts longer but with a basic battery you won't get the best throat hit and your battery will die out in next to no time.
| 13 reviews
tried the T3S first wasn't really what I was looking for now I've bought one of these and it's awesome I'll never smoke a real cigarette again it's that good!

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