Can you take a vape in hand luggage? Holiday vaping and E-Liquid rules explained

Hanging out by the pool, soaking up the sun and enjoying a chilled-out vape may be your idea of holiday heaven, but exactly how easy is it to achieve this dream? Many people are unsure of the regulations related to e-cigarettes, vapes and e-liquid on planes and other modes of transport – or even if you’ll be allowed to vape when you reach your destination.

Luckily, the experts at Cloudstix can tell you all you need to know about holiday vaping and the transporting of e juice. Read on to find out what’s allowed and what isn’t!

Vapes on a plane – yes or no?

While the majority of people are aware that vaping is not permitted on aircraft, you may not know that while you cannot store your e cigarette liquid – or the e cig itself – in checked luggage, you can take it in your hand luggage. Because of this, you will need to store it in containers of no more than 100ml in size, and place those containers in clear plastic bags ready for check-in.

Other modes of transport

In the UK, vaping is not allowed on any train service. National Express and Megabus do not permit it on board either – but the rules do vary from provider to provider when it comes to coaches, so check before you travel. Ferries, on the other hand, have designated areas outside on the deck where you can vape, but it’s not permitted inside. You’re allowed to take your e-cig juice on all of these modes of transport, just as long as you don’t use your vape.

Be aware that these rules vary between countries. Within Europe, you’re least likely to be allowed to vape in enclosed spaces in Ireland, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Spain and Hungary, as these are the countries with the strictest non-smoking policies. It’s worth doing your research on wherever you plan to travel.

Can you vape by the pool?

This depends on your holiday provider and the regulations of your hotel or resort. You may find that certain establishments are very relaxed about vaping, while others may set up designated smoking or vaping areas. Be sure to check your hotel’s website before you travel for further details.

You will be able to buy top ups of e liquid in most resorts or, failing that, your local town.

Can you vape on the beach?

There is no ‘cover-all’ rule for vaping at the beach. It’s definitely worth looking into the local authority that has jurisdiction over the seaside areas to which you’ll be travelling in order to find out. Vaping on the beach was legal in Los Angeles, California up until mid-March 2019, for example, so you should look up ‘recent bans’ or ‘lifted restrictions’ before you arrive.

If you do run out of vape, you’ll find beach-front shops in most countries that will sell you e cig juice to top up, as vaping is popular across the globe!

Generally speaking, the rules on vaping depend on the country you’re visiting. The UK has some of the stricter rules involving e-cigarettes, so you may find that your destination is a little more lenient, but you’re always better to be safe than sorry.

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