Electronic Cigarettes Vs. Tobacco

Whether you’re someone who smokes cigarettes daily, weekly or monthly, the costs can soon mount up! The average smoker spends £55 each week on Tobacco, leaving them out of pocket, are you guilty of this?

What if you could cut the cost by 2/3? Cloudstix can help you to discover a more affordable, healthier alternative, encouraging you to switch from Tobacco to electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes are not only a safe substitute for Tobacco, they offer a more exciting vaping experience for beginners and experienced vapers alike.


Tobacco is something that has been around for a long time, it’s no surprise it’s so popular! The introduction of electronic cigarettes is currently gaining popularity, offering countless incentives to smokers all across the UK!

Unlike Tobacco, the electronic cigarettes provide greater convenience, they allow you to vape almost anywhere. The smoking ban provided restrictions for where cigarettes can be smoked, causing controversy.

The fact that electronic cigarettes can potentially help to save a small fortune makes them somewhat more desirable than Tobacco.


Who would have thought that switching from Tobacco to electronic cigarettes could have so many benefits? In times of financial difficulty, electronic cigarettes provide light at the end of the tunnel, bringing your costs of living down, not to mention maximising your quality of life! Why not read a customer testimonial to find out for yourself?

For the Electronic Cigarette hardware that we distribute at Cloudstix, we guarantee that all products are 100% genuine, ensuring that you receive the best value for money, providing you with an innovative vaping experience.


There are several reasons why Tobacco is frowned upon, however, there are many other reasons why people turn to smoking. Tobacco can be relied on to reduce stress or calm the nerves, however, this can only lead to more stress later on in life!

Purchasing Tobacco can impact on your financial status, burning a hole through your wallet; it’s an expensive habit to have. Although it’s considered to boost morale, there are alternatives to smoking Tobacco cigarettes that can adopt the same hand to mouth action, saving you money and reducing the number of health consequences.


Regardless of whether you’re a social smoker or a regular smoker, E-Cigarettes allow you to socialise more often. Passive smoking is a consequence of Tobacco cigarettes and can lead to an array of health concerns; alternatively, E-Cigarettes can reduce the number of consequences for both you and those around you.

From our wide range of E-Cigarettes, you needn’t worry about finding one that’s safe to use- all of our Electronic Cigarettes are manufactured to high-quality and are considered to be safe.


As distributors of the E-Cigarettes, Cloudstix can help you to keep your costs to a minimum, providing the E-Cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking- check out our comparison chart here!

If you smoke 10 cigarettes each day; this will cost £3.77 per day or £105.56 per month for Tobacco, whereas the cost for our E-Liquid is 55p per day or £15.40 per month. From these statistics, Tobacco is 7x more expensive than our E-Liquids.


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