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E Liquid Flavours

E Liquid Flavours

E-liquid Flavours

Searching for a delicious e-juice? Look no further.

As a leading stockist of vape e juice, we offer a comprehensive range of vape flavours from renowned brands – such as IVG, Loaded E Liquid, Steep Lyfe, Twelve Monkeys, and Vampire Vapes, to name just a few.

Whether you’re someone who enjoys simple fruit, menthol, or tobacco e-liquids, you prefer complex candy blends, or decadent e-liquid flavours, you’re sure to find something to tantalise your taste buds at Cloudstix.

Flavours available

 Our bubblegum and cotton candy flavoured e-liquids are a brilliant choice for adults with a sweet tooth – offering a sugary nostalgic taste to instantly take you back to your childhood.

If sugary vape flavours aren’t really your thing, perhaps you could try one of our many tobacco blends?

Typically the no.1 choice of those looking to quit smoking, tobacco is one of the most versatile offerings in our collection. It’s an e-liquid flavour that’s great for vapers who aren’t ready to say goodbye to the taste of smooth, rich tobacco just yet – but also works well with cool menthol and sweet caramel. Perfect if you’re after a complex e-juice blend!

If you religiously smoked menthol cigarettes until they were banned in 2020, opting for a mint or menthol e-liquid flavour is the next best thing. Though it makes for a strong throat hit on its own, it can be paired with fruit, candy, and tobacco notes to give a cool yet slightly sweet taste.

Alternatively, if you’re an espresso lover or a fan of all things fizzy, our drink vape flavours are certainly worth a look! We supply rich, creamy coffee e-liquids, as well as traditional and cherry cola flavours that taste just like the real thing – whilst providing you with your desired hit of nicotine.

Find your favourite

We are confident there is an e-liquid flavour to suit every vaper within our extensive collection here at Cloudstix.

So, why not click through to find out more about the different vape flavours we stock? If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to get in touch.