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Nic Salt E Liquid

Nic Salt E Liquid

Nicotine Salt E liquid

Nicotine salt E Liquid, frequently referred to as Nic Salt, has been making waves in the UK's vaping scene, largely due to its unique benefits when compared with traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids. Its biochemical properties allow users to consume higher nicotine concentrations without experiencing the harsh throat irritation often associated with elevated levels of freebase nicotine. This results in a vaping experience that more closely mirrors the nicotine delivery of standard cigarettes, which is both smoother and more gratifying, especially for smokers making the switch to vaping. Furthermore, Nic Salt is absorbed more rapidly into the bloodstream than freebase nicotine, delivering a near-instantaneous nicotine hit that effectively satiates the cravings of heavy smokers. .


Additionally, Nic Salt e-liquids are viewed as a more economical choice for frequent vapers. The elevated nicotine concentration means that users consume less liquid to achieve their desired nicotine hit, making bottles of e-liquid last longer and possibly saving money in the long run. Furthermore, Nic Salt e-liquids are well-suited for use with lower wattage devices, which are typically more compact and easier to carry around, enhancing the appeal for those seeking convenience. These factors have played a significant role in the surging popularity of Nicotine Salt vape E Liquid in the UK, presenting a compelling and efficient option for vaping enthusiasts.


The name is slightly misleading, but don’t worry, there is no salt in these e-liquids. Most people who vape nicotine salts, use it to quit smoking or extend the craving period between vapes. Nic Salts although typically a high dosage are not harsh at all and in fact much smoother than regular e-liquid at high nicotine levels. 


Please browse our range of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid below. We hand pick the finest flavours and companies to work with in our selection so that you can avoid some of the really poor quality Nic Salt e liquid sold via other outlets. There is something here for everyone, Tobacco lovers, Menthol fans right through to exotic melt in your mouth delights. If you have any questions please contact our team.