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Disposable Vape Kits

Disposable Vape Kits

Best Disposable Vape Kits UK

The Best Disposable Vape Kits in the UK - Sold right here at Cloudstix.


Disposable Vape Kits have seen a huge rise in popularity in the last few years, and it’s largely down to the outstanding improvements of flavours and ease of use. 


With the major players currently being Elf Bar, SKE Crystal Bars & Lost Mary, they’re definitely a must try, but there are a few others in our collection that are well worth taking a look at. 


We’ve tried and tested them all for ourselves, and we can confidently say that you’ll love them – these are the best you’ll get. 


Disposable vape kits are all the rage among new vapers, who are looking for a device that’s easy to use and maintain – they’re ready to go straight from the box and come pre-filled with a plethora of delicious flavours for you to try. 


Each bar offers anywhere between 500-600 puffs, which is equivalent to approximately 45-50 cigarettes, and should be disposed of safely once it’s been used up. 


It’s important to note that how you smoke, the longer the draws you take for example, will have an impact on how much use you get out of your disposable e-cigarette. 


Even if you’ve been vaping for a while, but you’re not quite ready to commit to a full vape kit, replacement coils and a full e-liquid line-up, a disposable vape is ideal. 


Their lightweight and compact designs make them more convenient than any other devices on the market, and they’re excellent for using on the go – whether you’re on your daily commute or on a night out.


 Like all the other products we stock at Cloudstix, all of our disposable vape kits are fully registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MRHA) and conform to all UK safety legislations


Take a look at our collection of disposable vape kits below! 


Shop at Cloudstix for all your disposable vape desires 


Since 2011, the team at Cloudstix have been supplying our customers with the highest quality vape products at some of the most competitive prices in the UK. 


If you’re still not sold on disposable vape kits, or you have any questions, our experts are on hand every Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm and will be happy to assist you – give us a call on 0345 257 6544 or email [email protected]