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Batteries & Mods

Batteries & Mods

Without the use of batteries and mods, an e cig is useless to any vaper. E cig batteries and e cig mods power your tank or pod. They are designed to create the best possible vaping experience and should fit your individual needs perfectly. 


Here at Cloudstix, we have a range of e cigarette mods and batteries that are perfect for anyone and everyone. We cater to the vaping world - with various different sizes, designs, and looks from leading distributors - and make sure that every customer can find a mod or battery that is right for them.


Different levels of power
We offer an extensive range of batteries and mods, with varying power options to suit your needs. From the Aspire NX30 to the Vaporesso Switcher Mod, we have it all.
Our batteries and mods range from 30watts to 220 watts in power - which means, we cater for all styles of vaping, including everything from the casual breezy vaper to the professionals.



Compact designs
We have an
e cig battery and mod that is perfect for everyone. Whether you're looking for something small and compact or a device that is durable and robust, our range of mods are the ideal choice for you:


  • Batteries – Our eGo batteries are made in the most reputable factory. We have various options, including standard to variable voltage.
  • Mods – Mods have become increasingly popular of late. We offer a range of solutions, including internal batteries, externally powered mods, mods with touch screens and mods that are set-up and ready to go.
  • Vape Cells -  We offer only the best / safest external battery cells which are approved for vaping.


Colour schemes
For some people, the design of their electronic cigarette battery or mod can speak a thousand words. Some prefer the more simplistic look, whereas others will be wowed by a more radical design. Whichever choice you go for, we have something for you! 


We have everything in terms of e cig batteries and e cig mods, from the simple designs of the 650mAh Manual eGo Battery and Aspire Zelos Mod, to the eye-catching looks of the Vaporesso Luxe, which has touch screen technology.


We only stock
e cigarette mods and batteries from the finest and most trusted manufacturers in the industry. We want our customers to have the best and that is what we supply. We also make sure that all of our products, such as our batteries and mods, are affordable - and, as such, we are much more accessible than other e-cig distributors. 


For further information on our electronic cigarette battery and mod range, why not get in touch? You can reach us by either calling 0345 257 6544 or emailing [email protected]

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Target 200 Mod

Vaporesso Target 200 Mod UK The Target 200 Mod ..

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