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Clearomizers & Tanks

Clearomizers & Tanks

The lines have become blurred in recent years when it comes to the differences between e cig tanks, as more and more brands have been introduced to the market - all claiming to have the best flavour, coil lifespan etc


Here at Cloudstix, we don't go off marketing hooks. We test the tanks and only supply the ones that really do live up to the name and features advertised.


Tanks & Clearomizers from Cloudstix


Here at Cloudstix, we understand that all vapers have their own preferences when it comes to e cigarette tanks and basic e cigarette clearomizers. Everyone wants to vape in their own unique way, with specific tanks or clearomizers, and we strive to cater for all. 


We stock tanks - both online and instore - that come from reputable companies within the vaping industry (such as Aspire, Vaporesso and HorizonTech) and we supply nothing but the best for our customers! 


Designs & uses


Our e cigarette tanks and clearomizers are top quality and regarded as the best on the market - sure to give your vape experience that extra boost! We have tanks perfect for both new users and advanced users who want their tank to perform full throttle.


Our tanks come in a variety of different designs – boasting different colours, coils, sizes and looks. You can choose to produce as much vapour as possible, with a sub ohm tank, or strive to resemble traditional smoking with mouth to lung tank. The choice is yours and our team can help to select the right product for you. 


Contact us


Need a hand in choosing the best e cig tanks or e cig clearomizer for you? Give us a call today on 0345 257 6544 or email admin@cloudstix.com – we are happy to help! 

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Zenith Pro Tank Sale

Zenith Pro Tank

Innokin Zenith Pro Tank Innokin Zenith Pro Tank..

As low as £19.99
Ex Tax: As low as £16.66

Aspire Nautilus GT

ASPIRE NAUTILUS GT TANK The all new Aspire Naut..

Ex Tax: £8.33

Aspire Nautilus XS


Ex Tax: £19.16

Aspire Odan Tank

ASPIRE ODAN TANK UK The Aspire Odan Tank is the..

Ex Tax: £24.16
Aspire Odan Mini Tank Sale

Aspire Odan Mini Tank


As low as £8.00
Ex Tax: As low as £6.67
Aspire K1 Plus Out Of Stock

Aspire K1 Plus

Aspire K1 Plus Tank UK Aspire have improved one..

Ex Tax: £8.33
Aspire Tigon Tank Sale

Aspire Tigon Tank

Aspire Tigon Tank UK The Aspire Tigon T..

As low as £14.00
Ex Tax: As low as £11.67

Aspire Nautilus 2S

Aspire Nautilus 2S - IN STOCK NOW Presenting th..

Ex Tax: £22.45

Aspire K3 Tank

Aspire K3 Tank The K3 is a new generation of gl..

Ex Tax: £9.99

Aspire K2 Tank

Aspire K2 Tank The K2 is a new generation of gl..

Ex Tax: £9.16

Aspire K1 Tank

Aspire K1 Tank The K1 is a new generation of gl..

Ex Tax: £6.66

Aspire Nautilus X uk

Aspire Nautilus X UK The world seems to have go..

Ex Tax: £18.32

Aspire Cleito Tank UK


Ex Tax: £14.99

Aspire Nautilus Mini

Aspire Mini Nautilus The Aspire Nautilus Mini h..

Ex Tax: £16.64

Aspire ET-S Glass

Aspire ET-S Glass The Aspire ET-S Glass is a be..

Ex Tax: £5.00

Aspire CE5 BVC

Aspire CE5 BVC The new Aspire CE5 BVC is fantas..

Ex Tax: £4.16
Falcon 2 Tank Out Of Stock

Falcon 2 Tank

FALCON 2 TANK Cloudstix will gift the Falcon 2 ..

Ex Tax: £22.49
Aspire Cleito PRO Tank Sale Out Of Stock

Aspire Cleito PRO Tank

Aspire Cleito Pro Tank FULLY IN STOCK NOW Th..

As low as £8.00
Ex Tax: As low as £6.67
Aspire Cleito EXO Sale Out Of Stock

Aspire Cleito EXO

Aspire Cleito Exo Tank Innovation is all in..

As low as £4.00
Ex Tax: As low as £3.33
Kanger T3S mini Out Of Stock

Kanger T3S mini

Cloudstix are very pleased to be able to bring gen..

Ex Tax: £4.16