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Replacement Coils

Replacement Coils

Here at Cloudstix, we aim to provide everything that you could possibly need for the perfect vaping experience - and as part of this, we supply a wide range of e cigarette coils.

What are E Cigarette Coils?

An e cigarette coil is the replacement part of an electronic cigarette tank that is specifically designed to heat up the e liquid and create clouds of vapour.

The E Cigarette coils incorporate coiled wire within the housing and are surrounded by cotton - a wicking material that soaks up the E Liquid.

Our e cigarette coils are great replacements for faulty or used components. We also supply e cigarette coils to suit the personal preferences of all vapers - making it easier for you to find e cigarette coils that suit you.


Why do you need E Cigarette Coils?

If you’re to keep your e cigarette in top condition, you’ll need to invest in e cig coils. E cig coils guarantee a more enjoyable vape - allowing you to produce huge clouds of vapour and experience some of the best flavours on the market.

Choosing not to replace e-cig coils will result in poor performance, burnt out coils and shorten the life of your e cigarette. To avoid such problems, you’ll need to make sure that the coil of your e cigarette is primed and well-maintained.

How long do Replacement Coils last?

The lifetime of an e cig coil is dependent on several factors. It’s a consumable component of e cigarettes and doesn’t last forever. E Cig Coils degrade with usage, meaning that the more you vape, the sooner you’ll need to replace the coil.

Heavy vapers usually need to replace the e cig coils more frequently than those who don’t vape often, however, thick e liquids can also affect the performance of the coil and cause it to burn out quicker. Lower nicotine strengths can often extend the life of replacement coils.

Replacement coils are a great way to keep your e cigarette in good working order. Our top tip to get the most out of e cig coils, and to prolong their lifespan, would be to ensure that you regularly maintain the consumables of your e cigarette!

E Cig Coils at Cloudstix

When it comes to choosing Replacement Coils for your e cig, you’re in capable hands with Cloudstix. We supply a wide range of replacement coils from various leading brands, including Aspire, Horizon Tech and Joytech.

All of the replacement coils that we have in stock are manufactured to the highest quality and are compliant with industry requirements. Despite being made from the best materials, our replacement coils don’t carry a heavy price tag - we offer an affordable solution for all vapers.

To make it more convenient, we also provide replacement coils in multipacks, take the 5 pack of Aspire Cleito coils, for instance. Our multipacks save you the hassle of ordering coils separately, allowing you to change coils whenever you need to.



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