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Vape Hygiene

Vape Hygiene


The vape industry is built on entrepreneurship and the ability to respond quickly when circumstances change.


The coronavirus has made us all more aware of germs, viruses and bacteria. And, whilst we adapt to non-stop handwashing, here at Cloudstix, we think it’s time we all started stepping up our use of effective hygiene products and keeping our vape kits sanitised.


Much like other well-established vape stores, we have added to our already expansive production line, in the wake of COVID-19. This includes vape hygiene products, such as hand sanitiser and the Aspire Degerm UV steriliser.



At just £1.60 per 60ml, the instant hand sanitiser is by far the cheapest, and easiest, way to ensure vape hygiene. It contains 70% isopropyl alcohol, water and vegetable glycerine which allows it to combat bacteria and viruses – and is an effective alternative to soap and water.


The Aspire Degerm is, one of the only vape hygiene products, proven to kill 99.9% of germs. The Degerm is designed to thoroughly sterilise drip tips (of all sizes) and mouthpieces, but can be used beyond vaping for mobile phone screens, and more. It’s both portable and easy to operate and can be purchased for as little as £13.99, here at Cloudstix. 


Ready to buy vape hygiene products? Great. Simply click on the products you need, add them to your online cart and proceed to the checkout. Once we have received your order, we’ll parcel up your products straight away and you’ll only have to wait a few days before they are at your front door. All thanks to our reliable couriers.

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