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Cloudstix Franchise

A breath of fresh air in ethical franchising

Cloudstix® is one of the UK’s top five developers, importers, high-street retailers and distributors of electronic vaping accessories, premium e-liquids and e-cigarettes..

The Cloudstix franchise is literally a ‘breath of fresh air’ in ethical franchising: because:

  1. We have helped tens of thousands switch to safer vaping.
  2. Our franchise is ethically founded using BFA Affiliate advisers
  3. We have tested the business successfully through 150 approved stockists, premium company stores and online.

So, we offer franchisees a proven, ethical business AND support them in every way to make their new business a success.

What is the Cloudstix franchise ?

Cloudstix has proven the profitable operation of Cloudstix retail stores in shopping centres and on high streets.

The franchise gives you the opportunity to open your own Cloudstix store to sell our market leading brands and to operate our exclusive outside events service.

Own your own Cloudstix store

What is Vaping ?

What we offer is now widely accepted as a mainstream product, with mass-market sales and is no longer just a substitute for smoking – it is a clear and safer alternative which we prefer to call ‘vaping’.

Vaping is something more than simply replacing smoking with tobacco-flavoured e-cigarettes: Our range of 100 flavours (many without nicotine), vaping atomizers and luxury accessories means we stand apart from our competition in this now widely accepted and safer new pastime.

Cloudstix offers you much more

Cloudstix is supported by a large national company and so offers more than our competition:

  • A prominent retail store with full Cloudstix branding & modern design – at an affordable set-up cost.
  • Retail of a full range of e-liquids and luxury atomisers.
  • Exclusive ranges of products for our franchisees.
  • More than 100 different E-liquids that are specially made for Cloudstix.


  • The opportunity to serve local ‘click & collect’ online orders from our popular national website.
  • The opportunity to sell in the area of your shop in high-volumes at local events and shopping malls.
  • Help set you up with an ‘event vaping experience’ business.

So you can earn more.

Company-owned pilot stores prove you could target £95,000 sales in Year One, growing to £155,000 sales by Year Two and £193,000 by Year Three or Four, on retail alone.

And you also profit more, because our franchisees get better prices.

But Cloudstix offers you more than that:

  • ‘Click and collect’ orders from our website help draw more customers into your shop.
  • We provide everything you need to sell at events and shopping centres, so you can add income at weekends, whilst your store is operating with part-time staff.
  • Our exclusive ranges also mean more opportunity for you, because customers simply can’t get them anywhere else.
  • Our ‘event vaping experience’ business gives you the opportunity to earn more at lavish product launch parties and from premium club, bar and restaurant events.

And you get MORE the way YOU want it

Cloudstix recognises that franchisees are different.

We can help both those that want to build an empire of many stores and those that want just one family-run shop. With our simple set up, you can start from a premises as small as 300 to 400 square feet.

What is a vaping event ?

You may recently have noticed the growth of outdoor ‘narghile’ (or ‘hookah’) pipe smoking at major popular bars and restaurants in cities. You may also have seen that ‘vaping’ of safer non-nicotine flavours has become a social phenomenon around the world.

We have combined both so that you can offer a unique and safer e-liquid based ‘narghile and vaping experience’.

We offer this to promoters and marketing companies that want something different at their next product launch or corporate event and to premium clubs, bars and restaurants that want something fun to attract more customers.

Is it proven? How much can you make ?

Yes. We are one of the top five players in the UK and our own pilots prove that you can target up to £193,000 sales from your retail unit alone, by Year Four – and that’s before additional sales at outside-events, in shopping malls and through ‘event vaping experience’ packages.

Where does the money come from ?

About 70% of our current retail sales comes from sales of e-liquids – which is great, because once a client discovers our premium product, they will keep coming back to you for more.

Join us, even if you already operate a vaping or e-cigarette shop

We are also interested in hearing from those of you that already operate an e-cigarette shop.

We offer a special ‘Conversion Franchise Package’ that is an affordable way for you to re-brand as Cloudstix.

Benefits of converting to the Cloudstix brand include:

  • Better prices.
  • Re-branding and modernisation to approach a bigger mainstream market.
  • Promotional material for better visibility and sales.
  • Outside promotion and sales.
  • Setting you up with our unique ‘events vaping experience’ to corporate events and clubs, bars and restaurants.
  • The power of a growing national brand.
  • Preferential franchise package.

And, like every Cloudstix franchisee, by joining us you will no longer be alone.

Why do customers chose Cloudstix instead of all the others ?

Simply, we are a larger and more successful company than some others in the sector – this means that we offer better products that are safer, tastier, more satisfying and more consistently quality-controlled – and can do so at cheaper prices.

What is the market like for Cloudstix ?

The market is a growing one.

There are currently an estimated more than 1.3 million e-cigarette users in the UK alone.

Forecasts suggest that the UK market will continue to grow exponentially, reaching nearly $1 billion by 2015.

What set-up does the business need?

Cloudstix is a retail-based franchise. We have proven you can trade successfully from a location as small as 400 square feet, so premises should be easier to find and relatively cheap.

Everything else you need to fit-out your shop is included in our turnkey franchise package. You don’t need to go out to find anything else – it’s ALL included.

‘Turnkey’ simply means that everything is included – so you only need to turn the key in the door of your shop and can start trading straight away.

What does the franchise cost ?

Our main interest is to get the best franchisees and not to profit from their joining – so we have made the franchise package very affordable:

  • Our joining fee is only £3,075 (+ VAT) for a territory of 50,000 households.
  • The complete ‘turnkey package’ of everything you need to get started is from as little as £35,380 (+ VAT) depending on what you need – INCLUDING £15,000 of initial stock!.

Banks may lend up to 50% (subject to status), thus reducing your minimum personal investment to as little as £19,230 .

You will be able to reclaim any VAT on joining fees should you become VAT registered and we will help to get you advice on this.

What do you get for your money?

We operate a fully turnkey franchise so that you can start trading from the moment that you complete training, without having to worry about any other set up services or supplies (apart from any building works, connections and working capital).

Our turnkey packages can include:
(Cost may vary up or down depending on contents and specifications you choose)

A huge territory of up to 50,000 households. Retail signage (etching decals) for glazing.
A full suite of training over 2 weeks. Advertising board and other branding.
Computer, software and peripherals. Branded apparel.
Music and CCTV security. A valuable launch marketing programme.
Cloudstix branded Reception counter. Launch PR and editorial and set-up of social media marketing.
Glass displays. Marketing materials, leaflets, brochures, e-liquid menus and stationery.
Reception seating. Registration of your new limited company and VAT.
A sampling counter. Accounts software and training.
Storage racks. Your own website.
Point of sales units. Premiere listing on our national e-commerce website and on its ‘click and collect’ system.
All initial stocks, including full cartons of each of the e-liquid varieties and initial stocks of starter kits and specialist accessories and consumables. (This alone is worth £15,000) A detailed manual.
Outside events kit and displays. Franchise Agreement and due diligence.
Events Vaping Experience (Corporate events) starter package and promotion kit. Assistance with your application to banks for funding (using a third party).
Retail signage. Microsoft Office.

Do you need any experience ?

You don’t need any experience because our business is simple to understand and we will train and support you every step of the way.

We even allow you to get a taster of what our business is like before you sign up, by offering committed prospective franchisees an ‘induction day’ to get a taste for the business and a good idea of whether or not it suits their skills before their final decision to join us.

It is in our interest to only sign-up franchisees that will go on to be successful and enjoy our business, so we will do everything we can to make sure that our business is right for you.

Supporting You

Our franchise support team will support you through training, in-field mentoring, regular field visits, periodic reviews, network benchmarking and reporting and by being available to you 24/7, 365 days of the year so that you can be assured of constant access to the very best support, whatever you need – whenever you need it.

We don’t make a penny unless you make money.

So giving you the very best support makes sense – because our success is tied to yours.

What are the next steps ?

Feel free to contact us in any way that you feel comfortable (by phone, email or through our website) and ask us anything that you want about our business and franchise. All your contact will be in the strictest confidence and there’s no hard-sell, cost nor obligation to finding out more and you don’t have to meet us until you want to.

We also run a number of ‘Discovery Days’ where you can come and find out more about Cloudstix in an informal way amongst a group of like-minded prospects, if you prefer that to a one-to-one meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Franchise Team, Cloudstix Franchise.

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