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Vape Wholesale UK

E-Liquid and Vape Wholesale

If you are looking for an E Cigarette Wholesale supplier, stocking the very best e liquid & electronic cigarettes to boost sales in your current retail outlet or you are just thinking about setting up an outlet selling electronic cigarettes then your supplier is very important. You need a supplier that has a fantastic reputation for the quality of its products, products that will have your own customers coming back to you time and time again.


We believe at Cloudstix that we are the right supplier for you and if you come on board with us then we will offer you the following:

  • E Cigarette Wholesale prices without the hassle of import duty, Vat & dealing with customs.
  • Products that have been tested in the UK to ensure consumer safety.
  • A very low minimum order quantity (MOQ) on our range of products.
  • Fast turn around times as our stock is already held in the UK.
  • Partnership with one of the most recognised brands in the vaping world.
  • UK based sales and support team that are available during & after hours.
  • You get a warranty on all of our products.
  • Our e liquid has been fully tested and is TPD compliant and ready for sale in the UK.
  • We will supply official POS, promotional posters and leaflets upon request.
  • We only sell genuine hardware and e liquid meaning so will you, no fakes, no clones & no headaches.


E Cigarette Wholesale

If you are looking for the highest quality Wholesale Electronic cigarettes on the market then here at Cloudstix we could very well be the most perfect company for you. With E Cigarettes and other related products becoming increasingly popular each and every day due to the high success rates and bigger marketing exposure there has never been a better time to get on board and over these products to your own customers.


With amazing markups and fantastic consumer satisfaction you can expect repeat business and extreme growth very quickly after placing your first order. Cloudstix are here to help you every step of the way and will guide you to help make the quickest ROI (return on investments) as possible.


We supply E Cigarette wholesale prices to over 100 stores across the UK including Nisa, The Post Office, and many other independent retailers. We take the utmost pride in our network of distributors and would love to continue our work via a partnership with you.


If you require any further information regarding e cigarette wholesale pricing, MOQ or setting up an account please contact wholesale@cloudstix.com or call 0345 257 6544.


E Liquid Wholesale

Wholesale E Liquids

If you are looking to purchase safe, tested & TPD compliant E Liquid then Cloudstix are absolutely more than happy to assist you. The E Liquid in which we offer is of an exceedingly high quality and available to people at low and affordable prices, this is the reason for which many of our customers choose to come back to us time and time again.


Not only this but the range of Wholesale E Liquid in which we offer is extremely diverse, the collection that we offer covers everything for Tobacco & Menthol smokers right through to the more far out flavours such as Absinthe & Peanut butter.


Becoming a supplier of genuine high quality e liquid has never been easier, if you would like to know more then please contact our team wholesale@cloudstix.com or call 0345 257 6544


Amazing Wholesale Pricing

As you are probably aware there are many pitfalls involved when it comes to importing goods from abroad. First and foremost you have the issue of finding a genuine supplier who can supply the goods that you want, at a price that suits both parties but most importantly you must get high quality products to ensure your returns ratio is very low.


There are currently 5000 + companies in China alone that will offer to produce your goods for you. Many of which will be cheap copied fakes that will break, burn out or worse case scenario they will not even send you your goods in the first place. Why would you run the risk of selling your customers goods that have a high return rate or could cause harm to the end user ?


Cloudstix have sourced the very best manufacturers that are now globally recognised at being the best at what they do. These manufacturers will not deal direct with any other UK based companies as they already have a portfolio of UK buyers that they strictly deal with. Cloudstix are very lucky to be one of those companies.


We will offer you prices that cover the oversea's shipping, import duty & Vat of these goods plus a small admin fee so there is still a huge margin to be made for your business at retail.


Cloudstix aim to strike partnerships with exclusive businesses that we believe can bring our product and brand to bigger markets. In turn we will give you a direct route into the electronic cigarettes & e liquid business that will be profitable for both companies.


Fast delivery & turn around times

We have stock already in the UK and this is great news for all of our retailers. This means we can get the units to you quickly before your own stock levels run dry. We use UPS for quick shipping to all of our retailers and you shall be informed of progress at each step of the way. Usual deliver is next working day !


How to become an official Cloudstix distributor.

  • Register on our website for an account. The link can be found near the top rght of our website.
  • Once you have done this email wholesale@cloudstix.com to tell us what email address you have used to create the account.
  • Our wholesale manager will email you our pricelist & terms and conditions which you shall need to reply and agree to before your account is activated.
  • Once we receive your agreed terms and conditions we shall switch your account to wholesale.

We reserve the right to terminate your wholesale account at anytime should we feel you are misusing or have broken our terms and conditions.