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Advanced Vape Kits

Advanced Vape Kits

If you’re done with the standard stuff and ready for a bit of an upgrade, you may want to take a look at our advanced vaping kits. These powerful vapour kits are a total step up from the normal vaping equipment, including various tools to make your vaping style different than before. If you are clued up on your vaping kits and are looking to produce ever-expanding clouds of vape with something new, then you are definitely on the right page for your ideal advanced vape kits!

What makes advanced vape kits so great?


A variety of tanks. A variety of power. A variety of choices.

Each and every vape kit of this calibre has a unique design and set up. With either removable or internal batteries, their own individual setting choices and an array of extras to equip your e-cig with, no two kits are the same. When shopping through our range, without a doubt, you’ll find the perfect kit for your preferences.



We only partner with the best at Cloudstix. Our advanced vape kits are supplied by high-end vaping brands such as Aspire and Vaporesso, meaning you only get the greatest vaping kits from us.


The mods on high-quality e-cigarettes are the best. The mod is what gives your vaping that extra boost, with extra settings, better power range and upgrades in technology. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with designs to suit both those with simple and unique tastes.

Over the last few years, e-cig technology has evolved significantly - with added extras to improve your overall vaping experience. For example, the box mods on our advanced vaping kits incorporate the likes of touchscreen technology. Our electrifying Luxe Kit allows you to operate your e-cigs' touchscreen mod like a high-end smartphone, with vibrating feedback and quick-acting responsiveness. Once you have experienced advanced vaping with an upgraded mod, you won't look back.


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Adept Zlide Kit

Innokin Adept Zlide Kit UK Innokin Adept Zlide ..

Ex Tax: £33.33

Aspire Tigon Kit

Aspire Tigon Kit - Cloudstix UK IN STOCK NOW ..

Ex Tax: £27.49

Coolfire Z50 Zlide Kit

Innokin Coolfire Z50 Zlide Kit UK Innokin Coolf..

Ex Tax: £33.33
OBS Cube FP Kit Out Of Stock

OBS Cube FP Kit

OBS Cube Finger Print Kit UK The OBS Cube Finge..

Ex Tax: £45.83
Vaporesso Gen-S Kit Sale Out Of Stock

Vaporesso Gen-S Kit

Vaporesso Gen-S Kit Vaporesso Gen-S Kit UK sold..

As low as £36.99
Ex Tax: As low as £30.83
Aegis Max Zeus Kit Sale

Aegis Max Zeus Kit

Aegis Max Zeus Kit Aegis Max Zeus Kit UK - Buy ..

As low as £44.99
Ex Tax: As low as £37.49
Aegis X Zeus Kit Out Of Stock

Aegis X Zeus Kit

AEGIS X ZEUS KIT UK Geek Vape are back with tru..

Ex Tax: £48.33
Argus GT Kit Sale Out Of Stock

Argus GT Kit

Voopoo Argus GT Kit UK Voopoo Argus GT Kit UK -..

As low as £38.19
Ex Tax: As low as £31.83
Aspire Deco Kit Sale

Aspire Deco Kit

Aspire Deco Kit UK Aspire Deco Kit UK - Sold by..

As low as £39.99
Ex Tax: As low as £33.33

Aspire Nautilus GT Kit

Aspire Nautilus GT Kit The Aspire Nautilus GT K..

Ex Tax: £48.33
Aspire Zero G Kit Coming Soon

Aspire Zero G Kit

Aspire Zero G Kit UK The Aspire Zero G Kit - Ou..

Ex Tax: £58.33
FORZ TX80 Kit New


FORZ TX80 Kit UK Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit UK - C..

Ex Tax: £45.83

Kroma R Zlide Kit

Kroma-R Zlide Kit UK Innokin Kroma R Zlide Kit ..

Ex Tax: £39.99
OBS Cube X Sale Out Of Stock

OBS Cube X


As low as £17.99
Ex Tax: As low as £14.99
Swag 2 Kit Sale Out Of Stock

Swag 2 Kit

VAPORESSO SWAG 2 KIT The Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit W..

As low as £24.00
Ex Tax: As low as £20.00
The Gen Kit Sale Out Of Stock

The Gen Kit

VAPORESSO GEN KIT The Gen Kit by Vaporesso is b..

As low as £29.99
Ex Tax: As low as £24.99
Tarot Baby Kit Sale Out Of Stock

Tarot Baby Kit

Tarot Baby Kit - Vaporesso The Vaporesso Tarot ..

As low as £22.99
Ex Tax: As low as £19.16
Luxe Kit Sale Out Of Stock

Luxe Kit

The Luxe - Premium Vape Kit from Vaporesso Vapo..

As low as £44.99
Ex Tax: As low as £37.49