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Sunak Bans Disposable Vapes – Threatens to go much further!

As a key player in the vaping industry, Cloudstix remains committed to providing our consumers with quality products while also acknowledging the importance of responsible vaping practices and environmental sustainability.

Yesterdays announcement by the UK government to ban disposable vapes has sparked a significant discussion within our industry and among our consumers. In this post, we aim to provide a balanced perspective on this development, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects. In addition to this we shall also look at the additional measures the Government intend to bring into law by 2025.

1. Single use Disposable Vapes to be BANNED.

Okay, then so Disposable vapes are to be completely outlawed for sale in the UK. On one hand we are very pleased with this notion, having witnessed first hand the increase in under age use, kids attempting to get served in our stores (and failing) plus the environmental effects. We have all seen the used pods, kits & packaging blowing around the streets of the UK. But lets take a closer look at the arguments.

Public Health – The ban could be seen as a positive development in terms of public health. By regulating the availability of disposable vapes, the government aims to curb the potential for misuse, especially among younger demographics who might be drawn to the convenience and accessibility of these products.

Its well known and sad state of affairs but you probably know of a shop in your town or city that is well known for serving under age kids with Alcohol and Vapes. If we know they exist then you can bet your life, the kids that want to indulge in such things know they exist. This has led to an explosion of use by underage kids as young as 10 that we have personally known to have used a Disposable. High Schools are rife with Disposables, with many schools installing Toilet detectors to try to stop kids taking “Vape Breaks” during lesson time.

One report also details how some high school pupils have shown symptoms of being Nicotine dependant already. Being unable to concentrate, stay still in class or feel intense cravings during a normal 1 hour lesson cannot be a good thing for future generations.

So we fully agree this cannot be allowed to continue and support the Government on this point. However, could they have not taken a different approach? Why not change the law to make selling such devices to under age kids have far greater penalties rather than the current pitiful punishment on offer ?

As it stands, we have seen companies in the North West of England, where we are based, have the following happen to them when selling to under age kids.

1. A verbal / written warning asking them to stop. (This is usually torn up and thrown in the bin before being ignored and sales continue.)

2. A maximum £2,500 fine is then enforced which often does not pose the maximum monetary figure attached. Thus the rogue seller quickly works out they make much more than the fine by selling to under age kids and so they pay the fine and continue.

3. In only one scenario have we seen a vendor closed down for repeat offenses of blatant under age selling. And guess what, they were allowed to reopen after a number of weeks and as far as we know continue to sell to kids.

As it stands local authorities and trading standards are not funded enough to make a dent in this issue. Will banning Disposables make this problem go away ? OF COURSE IT WON’T !

We have seen this first hand with the large, illegal and unregulated disposable vapes. They are sold in many outlets across the country, often hidden under the counter. They are sold in the Millions per month, they are already illegal but sales on them are booming.

Dodgy vendors selling to kids, clearly will have no interest in abiding to just another law and so will continue to do so as long as the reward outweighs the risk.

Environmental Impact:

Disposable vapes are predominantly single-use products that add to the ever-growing problem of electronic waste. By banning these items, the UK government is taking a significant step towards reducing this environmental burden. This move aligns with the global shift towards sustainability and responsible consumption.

Again we agree and support the Government on these facts. The streets are full of disposable vape waste and it does seem to be getting worse.

But we come to the same arguement, banning the legal sale of these devices will not stop the problem! They may reduce it (Slightly) but the same vendors whom sell to underage will continue to sell to everyone once the laws are changed.

Conclusion on this point

Disposable vapes should be allowed to have a small place in the market. They are a great way for Adults to quit smoking and try vaping before making the decision to commit to it, via a proper refillable, regulated device that will save them money in the long run and has been tested for safety.

In addition to this, for those of us that still go out of a weekend, its a way to protect your all day device by using a disposable on your night out, without the risk of losing the better device.

Grown adults over the age of 18 should still be allowed access to these devices, should they wish to use them. School Children should NOT.

Vendors whom facilitate the sale of such devices to under age minors should have much tougher penalties thrown at them immediately and not be allowed to continue this behaviour.

This is our view on the matter.


In addition to tackling Single use Disposables, the UK government has also put forward additional measures that could have a far greater impact on vaping as we know it.

So what do these additional measures look like ?

  • Eliquid flavours to be restricted.
  • All products to have plain packaging.
  • Vapes and juices to be hidden from young eyes.
  • A tax on all vape products.

E Liquid Flavour Restrictions across the vape industry.

The government statement states that “new powers will be introduced to restrict flavours which are specifically marketed at children”.

This is the one that has us worried! This is the one that could cause massive uproar with UK vapers.

Under the new laws the UK government would like to restrict flavours and no specific flavours have been mentioned yet, if they follow European countries the vape scene in the UK could be limited to just the following.

Mint, Menthol, Tobacco & (Wait for it… ) Fruit !

So Blue Raspberry Lemonade that you love would be dead. Blackcurrant and liquorice – Killed off. Epic Lemonade – Wiped out.

UK manufacturers and vendors would have to call their E Liquid one of the four options above. Granted we are waiting for in-depth information on how this will be handled, however on first glance of the regulations this is all that will be on offer.

This does not help anybody one little bit, ask yourself how on earth this stops kids from vaping ? If anything it just makes vaping more confusing and off putting to all consumers. Vaping is already accepted and proven as a safer alternative to Smoking. But by restricting flavours and clamping down heavily on this industry the Government are giving out the opposite message.

Would you continue to vape if those four flavours were the only thing on offer or would you be tempted to just go back to Cigarettes or try alternative products to solve your Nicotine cravings ?

The UK was once a beacon of hope for the vape industry, leading the way in accepting vaping as a powerful tool to reduce the rates of smoke related deaths. It seems, if the above is implemented a pivot in stance has occured and the UK intends to potentially strangle the industry rather than let it flurish.

What about other industries ?

In addition to vaping the one other bad guy which kids seem to want is of course Energy Drinks. Their packaging and flavours are somewhat identical to those used in the vape industry and yet this sector is going to be allowed to continue sales without change throughout the UK.

Now it cannot be one rule for one and another for another surely ? Favouring Caffeine over Nicotine cannot be something the UK Government would do right ?

I guess this is a waiting game for clarification on how this is going to be implemented.

Until then, we shall reserve our opinion however, if the industry is left with four flavours then it would have a dreadful impact on businesses and jobs across the sector.

Plain Packaging for all vape products!

All E liquid and we presume Hardware will have to be presented in plain black and white packaging.

This is because somebody in an office somewhere believes the hot pinks and neon greens on packaging are the problem and attracting the youth of today!

How will a brand be able to compete in an already oversaturated market if it has zero identity ? How will the end user know they are getting legit E Liquid if all packaging is the same ?

We are facing the very real prospect of a future in which visiting your local vape store will resemble walking into a shop where all the products are wrapped in Newspaper cuttings!

Think of the biggest brands in the industry and how you know its them when you see it ? That will all change! Will some of these brands make it following this change of law ? Will businesses start to fail across the vaping sector ?

Would you want to go into a vape shop with zero identity / plain boring the same as everywhere else ? If you would you might not after the next part!



Yup, in addition to looking like everything is wrapped in Newspaper, a potential law could be added that would not allow vape shops to display ANY products.

Want to see what the latest kit looks like ? We cannot show you.

Want to see what the latest cool MENTHOL e liquid looks like ? We cannot show you.

The vape store that you know now would be reduced to a plain, boring black and white themed mess.

For those vape stores that abide by the rules and have never sold to under age kids before this is a punishment for the masses. Its not fair and could potentially see many good vape shops call it a day which would be unjust and unfair.

But they could and probably will go one step further as well…


There was once talk of a Tax on Disposables to make them less cost effective and pricing out the youth from purchasing them.

However with Disposables getting fully banned has the rumour of this tax gone away ? Sadly not! There is talk that the Tax is coming to all vape products and its coming soon.

This potential Tax could be the final nail in the vape industry. Especially for the small / medium sized companies in the market.

Imagine a 15-20-25% increase on your everyday vape purchases.


Many companies, not just the vape industry have been pit through the mill in recent years.

COVID, the cost of living crisis and cost of goods. UK vape businesses have also invested heavily in TPD compliance and maintaining high regulation standards.

If the full extent of these new laws come into force then it will be a cost burden many in the industry may not be able to take.

As a business we shall of course adapt to any changes in regulation but until we know exactly what they will look like in the final draft, we cannot comment any further.

Vaping as an industry is firmly at risk, if you care about your right to vape what E liquid you want as a fully grown adult in the UK the we urge you to write to your local MP.

We all need clarity on the above, before we can even begin to map what the future will look like.

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