Sxmini Puremax Kit is the hype real? Will this device win pod kit of the year?

SXmini Puremax Kit

There is a lot of hype and talk on the forums regarding the SXMini Puremax kit, is the hype real ?

We urge you to read our blog post or if you want a very quick 2 minute overview of what the product is you can view the video below.

But lets crack on with this brief review… we shall link you to more information later if you want the FULL SCALE run down.

SXmini Puremax Kit – What is it ?

The original rumour of SXMini bringing an affordable Pod System to the market started in late summer 2023. For those of you not aware, Sxmini are globally renouned for creating some of the best high-end hardware for the vape industry which, of course, all contain the legendary chipset which makes it run so well.

So for them to be considering entering the pod device market and promising an affordable entry point it got the interest of the industry.

The UK first got to see, touch and use the SXmini Puremax Kit at Vaper Expo in Birmingham in October 2023. Needless to say users were impressed and many wanted to purchase the device their and then. The new device was not market ready and the demo models were not for sale, however a few vendors and lucky consumers walked away with one after the weekend and have been waiting for mainstream release.

Well, that wait is now almost over as we entered Pre-Order phase with the devices set to ship into the UK Mid January 2024.

So is the hype around the Puremax from Sxmini Real and genuine ?

Well as one of the lucky people that got to walk away from the NEC in October with a Puremax in hand i have had extensive time to test it out.

I had one pod on my SXmini Puremax beta kit and that was it. I have of course burned through this pod since October and i cannot wait for general release so i can get back to life with this device.

The hype is both real and warranted thats 100%. It is very much an early contender for Pod Kit of the year (2024) and its going to take the other mainstream manufacturers something special to beat it. Maybe when they see customer feedback and reviews from the Puremax they will stop producing the same device under a different name and really pull their fingers out. They are going to have to because if SXmini get some traction from the mainstream vape industry and they continue to make affordable products then they will take plenty of the current market share.

Why ? Simply down to the following points.

  • The SXmini Puremax looks incredible. Genuinely looks and feels like a high end device. People, especially vape friends, will be asking what is it and where they can get one.
  • User friendly yet so high tech. The famous Chipset from Yihi is present, made smaller and more efficient for the Puremax and pushes out the Pure Technology. Pure tech is the magic that controls the power going to the coils. Does it really make a difference or is it sales talk ? You bet your life it makes a difference! Coil life is dramatically increased and flavour is bang on. More about this below. Using the device is very easy, select power settings, charge the device or change the pod all done easily. Filling the pods with E liquid is a joy! I can do it now with one hand.
  • New Coil feeling all the time. The most satisfying vape for all of us is the first few from a newly installed coil or self built deck. However, within a few hours or days that feeling and flavour fades to something that is muted compared to the fresh coil feel. The SXMini Puremax changes the game here. The Pods have a pre-installed coil and that fresh coil feeling and flavour can last weeks! I am not kidding! My Pod from expo was still going strong with fresh coil flavour long after i returned from the NEC and went on a 10 day Holiday with the family. I was beginning to think these coils were invincible and would never run out until of course it eventually did. I have been dying for a new one ever since, however during that run, flavour never dipped once.
  • Customize Drip Tip. Its a standard 510 which means this opens up a world of choices to us. We can use pretty much any drip tip we want. Fancy using the 1.2ohm pods and a long drip tip for pure mouth to lung then its available. Or fancy a more flavour full intense vape choose the 0.6ohm with wider drip tip. Whilst nothing new in a 510 drip tip it makes a nice change for a manufacturer not to be forcing their own mouthpiece on you which is available at a premium.

Does the SXmini Puremax have any negatives ?

Like anything its hard to be a 10/10 and the SXmini Puremax is no different. Battery life !

The Puremax comes with an internal 1050mah battery. Now do not get me wrong this lasts a decent amount of time but if you are a heavy user like me it does not last my typical day.

6am wake up – vape whilst making breakfast.

9am – 5pm – Full day in the office and about 4pm i know its time to charge before the car journey home.

That being said the USB is type C and charges the device in rapid fashion so i am then good for the rest of evening. Most people will be used to this if coming from other Pod systems however i was a big fan, and still am, of the Luxe MAX XR from Vaporesso. That had battery life that ran for days but in terms of flavour it does not get near the Puremax.

So the slight negative is far outweighed by the incredible features and flavour the Puremax delivers.

When is the device available in the UK ?

We received our first batch allocation to start pre-orders before XMAS and that has gone incredible with roughly 11% of our allocation left to sell.

The ETA on stock arriving from Sxmini in China is Mid January 2024. So not long to wait now at all.

Pricing for this device is what will make mainstream manufacturers sleep less at night as it currently has incredible tech and yet sits comfortably in the £32-36 range. When you consider there are inferior manufacturers with inferior devices out there for more then you can see why.

Want more SXMini Puremax information or wish to connect and grab the last of our Pre-Order allocation ?

We have you covered here. We have an extensive overview of the SXMini Puremax on our website.

You can watch the embedded video at the top of this post for Ella’s quick 2 minute overview.

Or head to this link right now to secure your PRE-ORDER…

Pre-Order the SXmini Puremax now.

Written by Cloudstix