ElfLiq E liquid, The rise of a powerhouse!

elfliq e liquid

Elfliq E Liquid – The rise of a powerhouse! A deep dive.

Hello there, fellow vapers and flavour enthusiasts! Are you sitting comfortably? Good, because We’ve got a tale to tell. It’s about a vaping sensation that’s taken our community by storm – the one and only ElfLiq E-liquid.

We all know the brand, its been out for a while now however this blog is looking at how it came to rise and then effect so many others business models and launches since.

This isn’t just another vape juice; this is a story of innovation, passion, and how a pretty average disposable device became a humble bottle of e-liquid that then became the talk of the town.

The Elfliq Vision as they saw it…

Imagine a world where every vape is an experience, a journey through layers of meticulously crafted flavours. That’s the world ElfLiq has created for us. But how did this brand skyrocket to such heights? Was it just the range of flavours? The quality? Or something more? Join me as we delve into the vibrant world of ElfLiq E-liquid, exploring every nook and cranny of what makes it so special.

From its inception, ElfLiq E-liquid set out to do more than just satisfy; it aimed to enchant. With a blend of traditional vaping values and a keen eye for what the modern vaper seeks, ElfLiq has crafted a line of e-liquids that resonate with everyone, from the casual vaper to the most discerning flavour chaser.

They already had their audience thanks to the epic explosion of Elf Bar Disposable users. So the aim to then attract the regular vapers whom would not be seen dead with a disposable became the focus. For those that were loving the Elf Bar life but found they were simply spending way too much per week, they had a choice… Quit, go back to smoking or buy a regular vape kit and hope they could find a flavour in a random brand that they were used to. That was until ElfLiq !

Elfliq was born – A move that would prove to be very good for the brand.

If we are being honest, even the most hard core vaper had tried an Elf Bar Disposable by the time Elfliq became a reality. We had secretly fallen in love with at least one of the flavours they had on offer. Was it the incredible flavour levels in them or maybe just the over the top sweetner? Whatever it was it was not going to be enough to make us ditch our regular, proper vape kit and start paying the disposable premium to use Elf Bar.

So when Elfliq was available and we could enjoy those flavours that we had secretly admired from a far then it did not take long for the whole vaping world to catch on.

Soon vape stores including our own were filled with Elfliq, we had customer requests for Cotton Candy Ice, Blue Razz Lemonade in 20mg, 10mg – You Name it people wanted it. I am pretty sure at that stage Elfliq could have released a flavour called Elf Poo and people would have handed over their money to buy it.

The rise was instant and the vape world couldn’t kind enough. Even the Tobacco lovers were demanding Cream Tobacco be available, taking 5 – 10 bottles at a time.

The Success of ELFLIQ brought all eyes to the brand (And the business model)

With great success comes great attention, not just from consumers but also from competitors. As ElfLiq’s star rose, it inevitably caught the eye of other brands in the vape market. These competitors, seeing the success of ElfLiq, began to mirror its approach. It was a classic case of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

Imitation Game

  • Copycat Flavours: Some brands attempted to replicate ElfLiq’s unique flavours, offering similar taste profiles.
  • Matching Marketing: The unique branding and marketing strategies of ElfLiq were also mirrored by other companies, hoping to capture some of its magic.

Impact on Demand

  • Splitting the Market: This influx of similar products led to a divided market. Some vapers stayed loyal to ElfLiq, while others ventured to try these new, similar offerings.
  • Price Wars: With more options on the market, price became a new battleground, with competitors trying to undercut each other to attract customers.

Pretty soon we had some new names in both the disposable and the E liquid market that were doing exactly what ElfLiq had done before. Then some of the largest names in the industry, especially most recently, also released similar profile and flavour names.

Before long we had most vape companies screaming out “How many different types of Blue Raspberry Lemonade can we stock!

And there lay the issue! Bar Salts (As the very sweet disposable type flavours are known) became the Angel and the Devil of the industry. If you had the cashflow to stock each line, you would probably end up losing money. If you didn’t stock each line then you would lose a customer or two. So the line in the sand will have been drawn or will be drawn very soon by some vape companies.

We believe the time has now come that retail outlets and wholesalers will have to pick a bar salt brand or two and stick to it.

Do we think Elfliq will still be here in a year ?

Absolutely we do! As one of the original and still most popular brands in the E liquid game we think Elfliq will still be a major player as long as demand continues for Bar Salt style E liquid.

With the potential looming ban on Disposables going through UK Government as we type, ElfLiq could become the parent brands main source of revenue from the market.

So the future is definately one that we see with Elfliq in it thats for sure.

Elfliq continue to look to bring more flavours to the market and at some point this will lead to existing flavours that start to sell less being dropped. But as long as the same care and attention is given to the future development of the flavours and of course the UK Government do not go insane and ban flavours then the future for ElfLiq is indeed bright.

What about the cost to the consumer will Elfliq continue to be competitive ?

Well i guess that depends on numerous factors. If our government introduce a TAX on E liquid, as is being talked about, then of course all E Liquid prices will go sky high. At that point the vaping industry will have no choice but to add those taxes to the product unit cost and then consumers will have a decision to make.

Until then you can find various deals online and in most vape stores but we advise caution here as the old “Too good to be true applies” especially on some prices we have seen online and on auction websites.

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