Compare The Cost vs Normal Cigs

Buying Tobacco cigarettes daily, weekly or monthly is expensive. There is no getting around it with the average smoker spending about £55.00 per week in a financial climate that is very tough. Imagine being able to strip those costs by more than 2/3 and still being able to smoke as much as you have before. This is the exciting prospect of switching to Cloudstix Electronic Cigarettes products.

The current situation of a tobacco smoker

No matter what your current situation, you could be a high flying executive or unemployed, life at this moment in time is stressful. If you are a smoker this maybe even more so because you are currently relying on an expensive habit to help ease your stress which in the long run is impacting heavily on your wallet.

A testimonial from one of our first customers.

" As a previous tobacco smoker that has been stressed before i can certainly sympathese with your clients situation. My tobacco cigarette spending went up by a third when i lost my job  last year. I lost my income but yet still spent more on my habit ! isn't that crazy. Smoking helped me when i was down, when i was going to an interview, when i didn't get the job, when i was lying in bed worrying at night about money i was usually smoking double what i was before.

I found on Google and purchased the eGo c starter kit. Although the initial expense was less than my weekly expenditure on normal cigarettes i was still apprehensive because i didn't really have the money to spare & i didnt think it could replace normal cigs. That week i borrowed money and bought tobacco cigarettes as well.... needless to say i didn't need them.

I could not believe it but the Electronic Cigarette with E liquid was more than enough to satisfy my habit but i wasn't spending anywhere near the amount i have in the past on cigarettes. That was February 2012 and i have not touched a regular cig since. 

On average i have saved £90 - 100 per month smoking E-Liquid over normal cigarettes. Without even mentioning the additional benefits your products should be a no brainer to all smokers in the UK. "

Toby Ward - Wigan, Lancashire.

So how much money could you save  ?

# Cigs Smoked Per Day Tobacco Cost per Day Vaping Cost per Day Tobacco Cost  Per Month Vaping Cost per Month Saving Per Year
10 per day £3.77 55p £105.56 £15.40 £1081.97
20 per day £7.20 £1.10 £201.60 £30.80 £2049.60
30 per day £11.15 £1.65 £312.20 £46.20 £3192
40 per day £14.10 £2.20 £394.80 £61.60 £3998.40


The savings to be had from switching from tobacco smoking to vaping are incredible. I am sure you would love being able to treat yourself with the extra money you will have left in your bank at the end of the month.

** The figures above are based as an average guide & include the cost of replacement atomizers, your own consumption of E - Liquid will depend on how long you inhale for & how well you look after your Electronic Cigarette.