11 Factors to look out for to guarantee a flavoursome vape

Needless to say, vaping is an expensive hobby to have, but a safer alternative to traditional tobacco smoking! Here at Cloudstix, we supply an extensive collection of E Liquids which are designed to satisfy the demands of all vapers.

If you’re new to vaping, you’ll be looking to find an E Juice that provides you with the throat hit that you desire, not forgetting one that reduces your craving to smoke. Any E Liquid that we supply at Cloudstix is priced competitively, so you needn’t worry about finding a flavour that matches your cravings and your budget.

When it comes to choosing a flavour for your E Cigarette, we are confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, here at Cloudstix, so why not consider the following:

  1. Coffee

Don’t be put off trying something new and exciting- we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try our coffee E Juice! Although coffee is a flavour that can often be bitter- the coffee E Liquid offers no bitterness; it simply provides you with a well-needed kick of caffeine to get you going! Our coffee flavours are guaranteed to help you to take the weight off and relax.

  1. Fruit

As a healthier substitute to tobacco smoking which is deemed dangerous, vaping is becoming increasingly more popular, as is the need to find a delicious flavour. At Cloudstix, we provide a tangy twist, offering you with a flavoursome vape, every time you inhale.

We have a variety of tart, crisp and fresh flavours available for you to choose from, boasting enduring flavours and tantalising your taste buds without fail!

We stock fruity E Juices in an assortment of refreshing blends to provide you with a fresh, unique taste like no other.

  1. Tobacco

For some people, vaping offers a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, hence why it’s so trendy amongst those who are looking to cut back! At Cloudstix, we aim to satisfy the requirements of all customers, including those who are not fully prepared to give up their tobacco cigarettes just yet!

If the taste of tobacco is something that you cannot part with, you’ll be pleased to know that we supply an E Juice that offers the same tasty tobacco flavour- but without the harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes.

  1. Sweet

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? An E Juice that incorporates some of your favourite flavours is bound to be more appealing than a tobacco cigarette that is made up of dangerous chemicals. These E Juices are guaranteed to take you back to your childhood, whether it be Bubblegum or Blackcurrant and Liquorice.

A sweet E Juice provides extra flair to traditional E Juices, allowing you to make the most of every vape.

  1. Dessert

Taking an innovative approach, we can provide an E Juice that provides a sweet distraction. Any of the dessert flavoured E Juices incorporate a balance between sweet and dry undertones, creating tasty blends that are exciting.

Whether it be Rhubarb and Custard or Blueberry Muffin, you’re bound to find an E Liquid that provides you with the desired hit throat and fulfilling flavour!

  1. Ice

If you’re looking for a cold sensation, you cannot go wrong with an ICE E Liquid from Cloudstix! The ICE E Liquids are not necessarily just available in mint or menthol, we supply the Black Ice E Liquid which offers a blackcurrant flavoured twist to your E Liquid, allowing you to inhale smoothly and exhale delicious flavours.

  1. The Oasis Range.

For a flavoursome vape, look no further than Cloudstix. We supply a selection of E Juices that are designed to produce instant flavours and aromas, providing you with a tantalising, in your face, sensation. Any E Juice within this range is guaranteed to ooze flavour and is available in 50/50 mix.

  1. The Imperial Range.

As a British collection of E Liquids, The Imperial Range is designed to deliver exotic flavours that have never been tasted before. Within this collection, you’ll come across some of your all-time favourite flavours, ranging from Cherry Bakewell, Tutti Fruitti and Pear Drops.

  1. The Blue Sky Range.

We supply The Blue Sky E Juices to satisfy the needs of vapers who are looking for the best E Liquid. Depending on your acquired taste buds, it’s inevitable that you’ll find a flavour that matches your personal preference and your budget requirements, after all, we provide fruity, menthol and tobacco blends, for competitive prices.

  1. The Decadent Range.

The Decadent Range boasts creativity! Although our E Liquids within this collection are simple, they are still equally as popular as other new and innovative flavours. The Mojito Flavoured liquid is an example of one of the Decadent liquids that provides refreshing Cuban flavours, all day long.

  1. Favourless.

Not everything is about producing thick dense clouds, for some people, it’s the flavour that matters most, whilst others prefer the nicotine hit.

If you’re looking for an E Liquid to prevent you reaching for your tobacco cigarette, you want to be sure that you choose a suitable nicotine strength. The nicotine strength is linked closely to your smoking habit and how frequently you smoke.

As nicotine is the addiction, the strength needs to be carefully considered. Our E Liquids are available in various strengths, ranging from 0mg to 18mg- it merely depends on how many cigarettes you smoke daily!

Choosing an E Liquid based on nicotine strength will allow you to replace your habit with a healthier (but not risk-free) alternative.

When choosing a flavoursome liquid, don’t be tempted to rush into making a decision; take your time to consider all of your options and discover the best flavour

If you’re a beginner vaper, it can be only too easy to buy a vast range of E Liquids; however, you should identify which flavours work best for you and which suit your budget before you start buying impulsively.

Here at Cloudstix, we supply E Liquids with exquisite flavours to be tasted; be sure to contact us if you need to know any more about our products!

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