How E Cigarettes work?

E Cigarettes are something that increasingly more people are going crazy about – but what are they and how do they work?

What are E Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are often referred to as E Cigarettes or E Cigs and are a type of smokeless cigarette. They offer a simple yet dependable method for nicotine consumption.

Did you know that the reason you’re hooked to smoking is the nicotine content? Nicotine is a substance that is found in tobacco cigarettes and is addictive – making it almost impossible for you to kick the habit.

The E Cigarettes that Cloudstix supply are designed to look similar to standard cigarettes but don’t contain tobacco which is one of the most harmful chemicals included in cigarettes. By replacing your favourite packet of tobacco cigarettes with an electronic cigarette, you get your nicotine hit without the tobacco! There are lots of other benefits too, one being that there is no smoke produced.

Tobacco cigarettes are responsible for millions of deaths year on year. E Cigs offer a healthier alternative.

How do they work?

The way that an E Cigarette works is simple; it replicates the hand to mouth action that is commonly associated with smoking and is a battery operated device that converts liquid nicotine into a vapour or mist. It’s this vapour that is then inhaled by the user and provides an instant hit of nicotine.

Where smoking generally produces smoke, ash and odour, vaping doesn’t, which makes it safer and more socially accepted. The electronic cigarettes that are provided by Cloudstix are considered to be less harmful and contain fewer chemicals, including tar and carbon monoxide.

Components of an E Cig:

Wondering what makes up an E Cigarette? There are several vital components that ensure optimal performance and without these your E Cig wouldn’t function effectively.

Here’s what a standard E Cig contains:

  • A mouthpiece or cartridge
  • A heating element or atomiser
  • A rechargeable battery
  • An electronic circuit


At the end of the device, you’ll find a drip tip which can either be refilled or replaced when it’s empty.


The tank of the E Cig is a clearomiser that is made from glass. The E Liquid is held within the tank and needs to be regularly cleaned, especially if you plan on changing the flavour.


The atomiser is the heating element. The liquid is heated by the atomiser and this then vaporises, allowing you to inhale the E Liquid.


A rechargeable battery powers the atomiser. The fact that the battery can be recharged makes it more convenient, allowing you to charge the device up whenever you need to.


The coil is the part that is heated up by the battery. It’s often the most replaced part of the E cigarette because it contains a wick which burns every time that you vape.

E Liquid

The addictive nicotine is mixed with a base (which is either PG or VG) and flavourings. Cloudstix supplies a complete range of E Liquids, providing something for everyone. Their E Liquids can mimic the flavour of tobacco smoking or offer something unique, allowing you to experiment with flavours.

Tobacco is often the preferred flavour for individuals who are hoping to quit smoking or at least cut-back but there are many others to choose from, including menthol, blackcurrant and liquorice, and strawberry.

How to use an E Cigarette?

The sensation of vaping is similar to smoking but is said to be less damaging to the lungs.

The hand to mouth action that smokers are so used to is adopted when it comes to vaping, maintaining a level of consistency. To receive a hit of nicotine, the user simply needs to inhale the vapour, making it quick and easy.

How can E Cigs improve your vaping experience?

To get the best performance out of your E Cigarette, you need to use it regularly and charge the device accordingly. It’s hard to say how long the battery will last but often battery life is influenced by the user’s inhaling style, the temperature of the surroundings and the type of E Liquid used.

Choosing E Cigarettes from Cloudstix will allow you to vape whenever and wherever you like. To get more out of your device, you’ll need to replace the coil when it stops working efficiently. You’ll also need to periodically clean the device to remove any dirt or build-up and then leave it to dry completely before re-assembling.

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