How To Clean Your Vape Kit

Not sure how to clean your vape device properly? Here are some of our top tips

When you’ve spent a small fortune on a high-quality vape kit, regular maintenance is important.

Many of us have probably experienced something along the lines of this:

You’ve had your e-cigarette for a few months now, but it’s started to feel a little gunky, its performance is lacking, and it just isn’t what it was before.

You might think you need to fork out for a new device, but this isn’t the case at all – it probably just needs a good clean!

But how do you do it properly?

In this post, the experts at Cloudstix walk you through cleaning your e-cig step-by-step.

So, how do I clean my device?

  • First:

Dismantle your device, making a note of how all the different parts fit together.

Tip your vape tank over the sink, delicately shaking out any leftover e-juice.

  • Then:

Wash your tank and coil, using lukewarm water or unflavoured alcohol.

Place your vape tank directly under a stream of tepid water, letting it run through for at least 30 seconds to rinse away any excess liquid. If you need to clean your device quickly, this method is ideal.

Using high-proof alcohol, like vodka, is perfect for a deep cleanse because it sterilises your equipment to a higher level.

To do this, use a microfibre cloth or a soft paper towel to strategically clean the intricate grooves and surface areas of both the tank and coil.

Once stubborn and sticky substances have been removed, give each piece a rinse with warm water.

  • Next:

Use a piece of kitchen roll or a clean, dry cloth to run through the tank and collect any droplets of leftover water, and gently pat the coil dry.

  • Finally:

Let all the pieces air dry for at least 15 minutes (overnight would be best, if possible) and put them back together carefully before you begin using the device again.

You shouldn’t leave your equipment in direct sunlight or use any tools – like hairdryers – to speed the drying process up. It will only damage your kit.


Why should I clean my vape device?

Ultimately, cleaning your vape kit regularly means that you get to enjoy your favourite e-juice flavours for as long as possible.

This is because it extends the longevity and efficiency of your vape tank and coil.

Clearing the remnants of previous liquids will also prevent the air vents from clogging up, reducing the likelihood of your device overheating, and creating the ideal environment for your next tasty e-liquid!


Need expert advice?

If you’re a first-time e-cigarette user and need a little more guidance when it comes to taking care of your new device, we’re here for you.

Whether you’re unsure if your vape needs a clean, or you need further advice on how to clean it, you’re welcome to get in touch with our friendly team.

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