5 ways to make your e-liquid last longer

Do you go through bottles of e-liquid like there’s no tomorrow? Sure, you might be able to try every flavour possible – but it’s bound to be burning a hole through your wallet. Now with vape shops in the UK closing in an attempt to delay the spread of COVID-19, you’re going to have to make your e-cigarette liquid go further than ever before – but we can help!

Here are our top five tips to help make your e-juice last longer:

  1. Try ‘retro’ vaping

There’s no denying, mods are great with their advanced features and huge vapour clouds. But they guzzle e-juice – especially when used at full power.

Now is the time to put down your high-powered vape mod and go back to basics. No tricks, no thrills – and, certainly no fancy features! Often, basic e-cigarette starter kits are the most efficient and last a lot longer. Higher nicotine strengths, coil resistances and low power can not only save on e-liquid but extend battery-life – allowing for an all-round easier experience.

  1. Increase your nicotine strength

According to government advice, you’re only to leave the house if you cannot work from home, are doing essential shopping or exercising (once a day, with those from your household only). If you find yourself vaping non-stop – just to cure the boredom – it won’t be long before your e-liquid loses its sparkle. If this sounds familiar, it may be worth switching to one with a higher nicotine strength.

Although our vape shops are closed, you can still buy some of the best e-liquids in the UK, including high, medium and low nicotine strengths, online. These will help to make the most of your e-cigarette liquid during the lockdown period as you won’t need as much to get the desired hit.

  1. Use nicotine salts

Are you after a smoother throat hit or a faster kick of nicotine? Nicotine salts (also known as Nic salts) are perfect. A regular e-juice doesn’t deliver the same hit as Nic salts as it uses a distilled form of nicotine.

Our nicotine salts are a great choice if you’re looking to curb your cravings for longer periods – eliminating the need to keep on buying bottles of e-liquid and top up your e-cig tank.

  1. Switch to a high PG e-liquid

If you’re on your last bottle of e-liquid, you should consider using a lower power output and a high resistance coil. The more power you use, the faster your e-juice supply will run out, and low resistance coils use up a lot more power to work effectively. Although taking the power down as low as possible and using a high resistance coil will help to preserve e-liquid, you also want to avoid high VG e-liquids and opt for a high PG e-liquid instead.

VG e-liquids are thicker than PG e-liquids. Low resistance coils have wider ports and are therefore best for VG liquids. Higher resistance coils, however, work better with high PG liquids.

  1. Keep an eye on how much your vaping

If your e-cigarette is constantly in your hand, you’re more likely to run into unexpected costs as you’ll vape without even realising, and in turn, use up your e-cig juice sooner.

Our best advice? Make a conscious effort to monitor how much you actually vape and keep track of your weekly intake to see where you could potentially cut down. It’s also a good idea to allocate yourself a ‘vape break’ during the day (as you would with a smoking break!) to make sure you’re not vaping for the sake of it.

There are of course various other things you can do to save on e-juice. Take buying shortfill e-liquids, for instance. These come in larger 60, 70, 120 and 200ml bottles (depending on the flavour) and have a gap at the top so you can add a nicotine shot, or two, and shake to create the perfect e-liquid.

For more information about getting the most out of your e-liquid in the UK amid the Coronavirus, feel free to give us a call on 0345 257 6544. Alternatively, drop us an email at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you.