Geek Bar vs Elf Bar: Which One Should I Get?

Elf Bar vs Geek Bar - Cloudstix UK

Shopping for a new disposable vape? Here are some things you should know about Geek and Elf bars.

Both Geek Bar and Elf Bars are two of the biggest names in disposable vaping at the moment.

Both of these disposable vape pens share a lot of similarities, but which is best and right for you?

There are several factors you need to consider when deciding between Geek Bars and Elf bars. Two of the most important include how it looks and feels in your hand, and which one sets your tastebuds tingling the most?

In this post, we take you through a run-down of both products, including technical details, device performance and, of course, the best flavours.

Geek Bar vs Elf Bar - Cloudstix UK

What are the different features?

Both products are compact, discreet and disposable vape pens.

Designed to be as convenient and hassle-free as possible, they come ready charged, ready filled and ready-to-use straight from the packet.

Both have the same e-liquid capacity and offer the same nicotine strength, but where puff count and battery life are concerned, the Elf bar outruns the Geek bar by a slim margin.

The Geek bar boasts a design unlike most of its competitors, with a rectangular shape and curved edges, tapering off towards the mouthpiece.

The design of the Elf bar is the more conventional of the two and maintains the same shape before it reaches the mouthpiece.

Although the mouthpiece and the body itself is plain black, it features an outer layer in colour to best represent its flavour.

Geek Bar vs Elf Bar: Do they perform differently?

As we’ve already established, both vape pens are very similar on a technical level, and both use Nic salts at a 50:50 VG:PG ratio.

This ensures a vaping experience that’s big on flavour, while producing a modest and discreet amount of vapor.

You’ll also experience a smooth, more cigarette-like experience with this composition.

Find out more information on Geek Bars & Elf Bars below;

What flavours are available?

Both the Elf bar and the Geek bar are available in a range of fruity and sweet flavours, perfectly harmonizing with their image as fresh, light, all-day vapes.

Geek Bar currently offers 20 different flavours, including the S600 Watermelon Geekbull and blueberry cotton candy, while Elf Bar currently only sits at 10.

Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar - UK's leading supplier

If you’re a vaper who likes to sample a broad range of flavours, you’ll probably like the Geek bar better.

They’re also your only option when it comes to classic, straightforward flavours like tobacco and menthol.

With this said though, the Elf bar collection does offer a few unique flavours that you won’t find within the Geek bar collection – including electrifying sweet treats like cola and cotton candy ice.

Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar: Which flavours are best?

There are plenty of delicious flavours available for you to try.

Three of the highest-rated Geek Bar flavours include:

If you love all things fruity, these are right up your alley. And the best bit? You can stock up on all 3 for just £11.99!

As for our Elf Bars, the most popular flavours are as follows:

Again, if you’re a big fan of fruit medleys, you’ll love these flavours – and you can try all three of them (or any other three of your choice) for £11.99.

You won’t find bigger bargains anywhere else!

With the number of options available, choosing a flavour might seem a little overwhelming, but we’re here to provide our expert recommendations if you need them.

Choose Cloudstix for all your disposable vape desires

Whichever product you choose is down solely to what you’d prefer, so it’s important to do your research into both Geek and Elf bars before making your purchase.

We stock both here at Cloudstix, and there’s a huge range of flavours for you to choose from – we have something for everyone!