Three Tell-Tale Signs that Your Vape Coil Needs Replacing

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Vape coils are the heart of any e-cig device, but how do you know when its time to replace yours? Newby vapers may find it difficult to recognise the signs that their e-cig coil is past its prime, whilst others may be replacing it prematurely, therefore spending much more money than is strictly necessary.

But luckily, there are a few signs you can look out for that will indicate that your vape coil is ready to be refreshed, which come down to sight, taste and sound – so let’s take a look!

#1 Reduced vape cloud production

For many keen vapers, the appeal is in the showmanship of vapour production. A coil with a low resistance will produce huge plumage of vapour, and for those who enjoy that, it can be the first recognisable sign when it starts to deplete due to a worn coil.

Of course, if you only use your e-cig sporadically, perhaps as a social vaper, you may not be as adept at noticing this change. Ultimately, you know better than anyone else how much vapour production is normal for your e-cig device and the settings you use, so if its dwindling, perhaps its time to change that coil.

#2 Unpleasant tasting e-liquid

What’s your go-to e-liquid flavour? Whether you’re a lover of sweet fruity vape juice or more of a menthol lover, one of the most obvious indicators that your vape coil is on its way out is an unpleasant tasting e-liquid.

The vape coil controls much of how we experience vaping, so one that is ready for replacing will often produce flavours that are reminiscent of the last e-liquid you used, or it may just taste unusual, burnt or leave a bitter aftertaste.

#3 Noisy vaping

A coil that has reached the end of its lifespan will often make a strange gurgling noise during vaping. Often, this is one of the last signs to show when your coil is in need of replacing, so if you hear it then it’s certainly worth changing your coil imminently. If replacing your coil doesn’t solve the gurgling issue, it may indicate a leak so should be investigated further.

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