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Your choice to use an electronic cigarette is under real threat.
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The latest EU directive was passed this week which will see the electronic cigarette
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Sign the petition on www.efvi.eu
Step 2:
Request a face to face meeting with your MP & MEP and tell them your e cig story.
If this is not possible then please write / email them. They have the power to act.
Do not let them take away your freedom of choice

Cloudstix - E Liquid

Here at Cloudstix®, we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Electronic Cigarettes, Ego Electronic Cigarettes, Premium quality e-liquids and electronic cigarette accessories and spares. We are also one of the leading suppliers of both electronic cigarette and e-liquid wholesales. E-cigarettes replace traditional cigarettes, all without the tobacco stuffed with chemicals; resulting in a reduction of the negative effects that are commonly associated with tobacco smoking.

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When using Cloudstix products, you will be able to continue with your usual smoking habits but in a much healthier manner. You will also be saving money as you cut the expense normally associated with buying tobacco or cigarettes on a weekly basis. Not only do they allow people to save money, but they also enable people to start an improved, healthier lifestyle by reducing the tar, ash or tobacco they are consuming while avoiding the 4000+ harmful toxins present in traditional cigarettes.

Although this product does not contain these damaging toxins, they do however still contain nicotine, enabling people to trick their bodies into thinking that they are smoking a genuine cigarette. These smoking alternatives can also be used in an array of places that normally enforce bans against smoking.


Before we get into what they are and how they work, let’s answer your first question; how much money will you be saving by making the switch. The amount of money you save will of course depend on how much you usually smoke, as you will no longer be buying tobacco or cigarettes every time you need a fix. The prices of our E Cigarettes are incredibly reasonable and we can assure you that you will be making a saving, even if you’re a person with particularly large cravings. Of course the added benefit means that you will not only be helping your wallet, but also, your health. The table below may answer your question in regards to how much you are likely to save.

# Cigs Smoked Per Day Tobacco Cost per Day Vaping Cost per Day Tobacco Cost  Per Month Vaping Cost per Month Saving Per Year
10 per day £3.77 55p £105.56 £15.40 £1081.97
20 per day £7.20 £1.10 £201.60 £30.80 £2049.60
30 per day £11.15 £1.65 £312.20 £46.20 £3192
40 per day £14.10 £2.20 £394.80 £61.60 £3998.40


As you can see, the savings you will be making by investing in a Cloudstix e-cigarette are huge and extremely rewarding to your back pocket. With the money saved, you could afford that family holiday or second holiday, buy a new car; invest in your future etc. The rewards are certainly there to gain; it’s just a matter of making the switch to a safer alternative.

** The figures above are based as an average guide and takes into consideration buying new atomizers, your own consumption of E Liquid will depend on how long you inhale for & how well you look after your Electronic Cigarette.


An Electronic Cigarette is a small device that allows nicotine to be delivered via inhalation without the harmful toxins of tobacco & burning ash. It provides the user with the same satisfaction associated with smoking a cigarette and is even allowed to be used indoors including places where traditional cigarettes are normally banned. Regardless of this, you may want to still check the house rules before you begin vaping as some places still carry bans on such devices (Aeroplanes being the key location).

For those who are unsure of what they’re investing in, electronic Cigarettes are known under many different names such as; E-Cigs, Vapor Cigs, and Vapor Sticks and all of the mentioned names refer to the same type of product.

For more information about how e-cigarettes work, please click the link how do electronic cigarettes work.

E liquid and Electronic Cigarettes at Wholesale Prices.

If you are looking to start an electronic cigarette business, add a high quality range of e-cig hardware to your current shop or are thinking about starting a venture into the industry then Cloudstix can help and assist you in this prospect.

Established in 2011, we have extensive knowledge of the electronic cigarette industry and are seen as one of the leaders in the British market.

Offering more than just fantastic pricing, our dedicated team of wholesale staff is on hand to offer any advice and respond quickly to any questions you may have. We are available via telephone 9:30am - 17:30am Monday - Friday and our email service is available out of hours until 11:00pm.

Our terms and conditions are simple and minimum order quantities (MOQ) are very low. You can purchase nice starter packs at a low price of around £400 - £500. The returns on investment are typically between 80% - 100%, making a Cloudstix wholesale account very attractive to consumers looking to start their own business.

All of our stock is held in the UK, meaning that you don’t have to wait 3 - 4 weeks for the goods to arrive domestically. We have an extensive storage unit based in the northwest of the UK and can deliver your wholesale orders the very next day. This means that your cash flow is not tied up all the time when waiting for your orders to arrive. You can simply order as much as you need and get the items shipped safely by our courier service. Next day delivery is standard on all orders made before 2pm. Any orders made after this period cannot be guaranteed to arrive the following day.

All of our items are tested, packaged and sealed as and when required to meet regulation and compliance laws. This means that the items are shelf ready and will not have any issues with trading standards. If any problems are to occur with your local authority, then our dedicated wholesale team will also help you rectify the matter. We can talk to trading standards on your behalf and supply them with data sheets that will show that the item is fit for purpose and legal in the UK. Although it is very rare that such problems with trading standard authorities will occur, we would like all of our distributors to know that we are here and happy to help.

The point of sale is very important when it comes to marketing the products that you sell. Cloudstix will supply you with all point of sale posters and information free of charge. We are always updating the images of our new products and are happy to supply them to you in poster and leaflet format. In addition to this, we also have blister packs for our most popular single starter kits which can be displayed nicely in shop windows and on display stands.

Cloudstix products are supplied with our branding logo on them. This means your customers will instantly recognize an already established brand for quality and will have more confidence when purchasing the product from your store. All of our packaging comes ready for your shelf and will speak volumes to your customers that you sell genuine Cloudstix products. This is especially important in a market where fakes and low quality imports from developing nations are frequently being found on the UK high streets.

The last thing you need as a distributor is to have a high return rate on your products. With the Cloudstix brand behind you, this rate will be relatively low as Cloudstix is already seen as a reputable brand that people associate with quality, thus ensuring maximum profit from the products.

For more information about a wholesale account then please visit our dedicated electronic cigarette wholesale page.

" I absolutely love my Cloudstix Aspire. The electronic cigarette feels very luxury compared to my previous one which was too fiddly and was a pain to refill. The Aspire is so easy to fill and it smokes fantastic. I highly recommend your products."


" I cannot believe that you are supplying the same electronic cigarettes that are up to £40 cheaper than other well known brands on the high street. I cannot recommend you guys enough, i have told all my friends about Cloudstix.com "

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