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Aromaxy Nic Salts

Aromaxy Nic Salts

Aromaxy Nic Salts Multi Deal

Aromaxy E Liquid Nic Salts


Aromaxy E Liquid Nic Salts - Who are they ?

Aromaxy Nic Salts are for those of you that are tired with the typical "Bar Salts" and are looking for a juice range with more going on. They are an incredible range of both Nic Salts and Shortfills.


Where are Aromaxy Nic Salts made ?

Aromaxy is a UK made E Liquid that delivers on both safety and vaping experience so you can enjoy your vape without worrying about nasty ingredients or potential problems.

They have extensive experience within the UK vape industry and launched the Aromaxy brand recently.


What flavours and Mix ratio is Aromaxy Nic Salts ?

The Aromaxy Nic Salts E Liquid come in a mix ratio of 50:50 - the perfect blend we think for this range.

In terms of Flavours then Aromaxy Nic Salts has something for everybody.

If you love Tobacco then their Tobacco is highly recommended. Fancy a dessert style vape, that is covered as well.


What Deals do you have on Aromaxy Nic Salts ?

Well we have an incredible launch deal for you on these. For a limited time only we have included Aromaxy Nic Salts in our x5 Multi Deal offer.

This means you can mix and match Aromaxy Nic Salts with our other Nicotine Salts range and get 5 bottles for an incredible price!

Just add the 5 bottles to the basket and our site will do the rest!




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