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E Liquid

The Best E Liquid Suppliers in the UK



E-liquid is the special fluid that goes into electronic cigarettes, responsible for delivering your dose of Nicotine in a wealth of many delicious flavours. It goes by many names – e-juice, vapour juice, e-cigarette liquid or nicotine liquid – but whatever you call it, it’s an essential (and delicious) part of smoking e-cigarettes.

All E Liquids contain:

  • Nicotine (optional)
  • PG (Propylene Glycol)
  • VG (Vegetable Glycerine)
  • Flavourings

If you’re new to the vaping world, you’ll notice that there are many flavours and options available, but how do you know which e-juice you need?

Relax, Cloudstix can assist you in making the right choice. As reputable e-liquid suppliers, we pride ourselves on offering the best e-liquid in the UK – supplying the same big names as our competitors but on average 10-40% cheaper.

Discover e-cigarette liquid in vaping brands, such as Steep Lyfe, IVG, Nasty Juice, Twelve Monkeys and Vampire Vapes. We ensure all juice is manufactured to the highest quality so, with us, you needn’t worry about purchasing low-grade e-liquid that doesn’t taste great and contains ingredients that aren’t suitable for e-cigarettes.

If you’ve made the switch from tobacco to vaping, you need an e-juice that oozes flavour and satisfies your nicotine cravings. You’re sure to get that hit of nicotine every time you puff on your e-cig with an e-cigarette liquid from Cloudstix.

Our Nicotine based E Juices are available in:

  • 0mg – nicotine free
  • 6mg – low strength
  • 12mg – medium strength
  • 18mg – high strength

The best e-juice for you depends on the number of cigarettes you’re used to smoking. If you smoked more than 15 cigarettes a day, a 1.8mg liquid will provide you with the hit of nicotine you need. For anything less, we recommend starting with a 12mg nicotine liquid and gradually reducing your nicotine intake as you go along.

Replacing your favourite tobacco cigarettes with one of the best e-juices in the UK will save you the hassle of purchasing nicotine patches and gum when trying to quit. They provide you with the desired hit of nicotine – without the negative effects often associated with tobacco smoking. What’s more, our liquids are available in a range of delicious flavours.

E Liquid Flavours

The very best e-juice is down to individual taste. Your favourite blend might not be the same as someone else’s but, as quality e-liquid suppliers, we pride ourselves on offering one of the most extensive ranges of e-juice in the UK. Choose from base flavours, such as:

  • bubble-gum
  • caramel
  • dessert
  • fruit
  • menthol
  • mint
  • sweet
  • tobacco
  • unflavoured

Choosing a nicotine liquid in the UK isn't the easiest thing to do, however, the Cloudstix team is on hand from 9.30 am till 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday, and will gladly share their expertise. If you'd like some help selecting the best e-liquid, give us a call on 0345 257 6544

No matter which of our best-selling e-cigarette liquids you opt for, we are confident that you’ll find a flavour that you’ll never get bored of – allowing you to cut down on old habits.

Nicotine Salts

If you fear you won’t get the hit of nicotine you need from a regular e-juice, a nicotine salt could be the perfect solution. It delivers the same amount of nicotine to the body as you’d expect from a traditional tobacco cigarette but absorbs much faster.

Nicotine salts are also great if you’re looking to reduce the amount you vape as the hit of nicotine is more satisfying. Less irritating than nicotine-based e-juices, nic salt liquids are easier to inhale and available in an assortment of flavours – be it bubble-gum, dessert, fruity, menthol and tobacco.

E Liquid Delivery

Once you’ve found the best e-liquid, be sure to place your order with us at Cloudstix and benefit from rapid delivery. All e-liquids purchased before 2.00 pm will be processed and shipped on the same day, meaning you could be reaping the benefits of a tasteful nicotine liquid in the UK sooner than you think.

Contact Cloudstix 

Whether you're looking for expert advice choosing the best e-liquid in the UK or you'd like to know more about e-cigarette hardware, you've come to the right place. Feel free to call us on 0345 257 6544 or drop us an email at admin@cloudstix.com. We will do everything we can to helpfor all wholesale accounts, visit our partner company CS Distro

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Cookie Butter E Liquid - 120ml Shortfill Cookie..

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Cran Apple 120ml

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Fruit Mix E Liquid


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Kiwi Cool

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Loaded Apple Fritter

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Loaded Lemon Bar

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Loaded Smores 120ml

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Lollipop Bubblegum Millions

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Menthol E Liquid

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Menthol Tobacco

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