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Apple E-liquid

Apple E-liquid

Known for being irresistibly tangy and sweet, an apple is a tasty option for snacking – whether it be on its own or paired with cheese, cinnamon, or peanut butter.

Apple vaping liquid provides the sweet and crisp taste that the orchard fruit is famous for. And the best bit? It can be enjoyed at any time, either on its own or combined with other fruity blends, such as blackcurrant, cranberry, and grape, to name just a few.

Enjoy a fruity sensation with apple e-liquid

Apple-flavoured e-liquid is perfect for all-day vaping. It allows you to experience the fresh, juicy sweetness of crisp, delicious apples – satisfying your cigarette cravings at the same time.

Here at Cloudstix, we supply a selection of our own branded products and are delighted to be a leading stockist of apple e-liquid from renowned brands, including Loaded E Liquid and Twelve Monkeys.

Whether you’re looking for a fruity flavour that awakens your taste buds or you’re seeking a healthy alternative to smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes, we’re confident that you’ll find something suitable within the collection below.

Our apple e-liquid offers a plethora of benefits, including:

  • A sweet, refreshing taste
  • A smooth throat hit
  • A choice of nicotine strengths
  • A personalised vape – shortfill bottles allow you to control your nicotine intake by adding a nic shot, or two

If you would like to know more about apple e-liquids, get in touch with the team today.

We are always on hand to help and will gladly provide the answers to your burning questions. Either call us on 0345 257 6544 or email [email protected].

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Apple FAQs

What is the best apple e-liquid?

If you enjoy the crisp, juicy taste of apple in jams, candies, juices, or crumbles, apple e-liquid is the flavour for you.

There are a plethora of options to choose from. For example, some flavours incorporate the sharp and slightly sour taste of green apples, whilst others are sweet, crisp, and smooth – resembling the red variety.

Though we might be slightly biased, here at Cloudstix, we firmly believe that our apple e-juices are the best on the market. We have a variety of blends and nicotine strengths available and are confident that you’ll find something to satisfy your cigarette cravings.

Simply browse our extensive collection and click through to pick your favourite. Once you’re happy with your selection, add it to your basket, and checkout.

If you’re spoilt for choice or need an expert opinion, get in touch today. 

Is apple e-liquid expensive?

Though they all contain PG, VG, flavourings, and nicotine, no two apple e-liquids are the same.

The cost is often dependent on the brand, bottle size, and quality of the e-liquid inside. So, without knowing a little bit about your preferences and which product you’re interested in, it’s difficult to provide an exact figure.

With prices starting from as little as £3.99 (or 6 weekly payments from 66p!), we guarantee competitive prices across our online inventory here at Cloudstix. As a reputable distributor of e-liquid, we pass all our cash savings on to you (our customer), allowing you to purchase delicious e-liquids without spending a fortune.

If you’re unsure which apple e-liquid to go for, call our team on 0345 257 6544. We will work closely with you to determine the best one for your needs and budget. 

What flavours does apple e-liquid work well with?

Apple is one of those flavours that pairs nicely with both sweet treats and savoury snacks. It goes with tangy fruits like raspberry, buttery pastries to replicate the taste of apple-based desserts such as apple pie or crumble, and even cheddar cheese!

Our apple e-liquids are just as versatile.

You can vape them on their own and enjoy a sweet, juicy taste. Or, for the more adventurous vapers amongst us, why not opt for a fruity medley? This could be anything from a cranberry and apple e-juice to a blend that combines smooth apple with bold grape. Something like Matata from Twelve Monkeys.

We’re sure you have your own weird and wonderful ideas on what you could mix with apple e-liquid, and we’d love to hear them! 

I can’t find the apple e-liquid I normally use. Can you recommend a suitable alternative?

Of course! After browsing our range of apple e-juices in full, if you can’t find the exact one you’re looking for, let us know.

Here at Cloudstix, we stock all the big names – including Loaded E Liquid, SQZD and Twelve Monkeys, to name just a few. If we can’t source your go-to apple e-liquid, we will recommend the next best thing.

We cater for all vapers. So, whether you’re new to vaping or you’ve been vaping for what feels like a lifetime, we’re confident that there’ll be something to suit your needs within our collection.