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Cherry E-liquid

Cherry E-liquid

Cherries are stone fruits (fleshy dupes) that are typically grown in warm and temperate climates.

Although all cherries are sweet and tart, there are several different varieties – including dark cherries that are slightly sour and red cherries that are noticeably sweeter. In most cases, glacier cherries (the sweetest of all) will be used in baking and cooking.

If you’re a berry fan, our cherry e-liquids collection is certainly worth a look!

Cherry liquid to suit all palates

Cherry vape juice is perfectly blended to ensure it’s not overly sweet and offers a hint of tartness.

Whether you’re looking for a high VG or high PG cherry flavoured e-liquid, we are confident that you’ll find it here at Cloudstix.

Whilst it’s not uncommon to find cherry liquid on its own, this flavour works well with other summer fruits, including strawberry, pineapple and lime, as well as cola, and classic puddings like black forest gateau.

Alternatively, if you’re after a cherry e-juice that is both refreshing and tasty, consider a cherry menthol blend that guarantees a cool, smooth vape every time.

Our cherry liquid is:

  • A delicious flavour for all day vaping or a sweet treat
  • Suitable for use with large subohm vape kits and smaller pod devices
  • Guaranteed to provide a smooth hit
  • Available to purchase online for a fantastic low price

Can’t find the flavour you’re looking for?

No problem – our team is always on hand to help and will be more than happy to source the cherry e-liquid you’re searching for. If it’s currently unavailable, we can advise you on when it should be back in stock or recommend a suitable alternative that packs plenty of punch.

To find out more, either call 0345 257 6544 or send an email to [email protected], and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


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Cherry FAQs

Is cherry a good vape flavour? 

Cherry e-liquids are extremely versatile, which is probably why they’re so popular. 

They offer a juicy taste and really capture the distinct fruity flavour of the real deal, and flavours vary from sweet glacier cherries to more sour dark cherry varieties. 

The possibilities with this flavour are endless, so no matter what you prefer, you’re bound to find something perfect. 

Are cherry e-liquids right for me? 

Because they’re so versatile, there’s a cherry e-liquid for near enough everybody. 

So long as you’re a berry fan, you’ll love our collection of cherry e-liquids at Cloudstix; it’s certainly worth a look. 

No matter if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth or if you’re after something a little sour – our collection caters to all sorts of palates, so you’re bound to find the perfect flavour. 

What can I mix with a cherry-liquid? 

It’s not uncommon to find cherry liquid on its own, as it works wonderfully as a standalone flavour. 

However, there are hundreds of flavour combinations you can try - you might just stumble on your new favourite liquid. 

Cherry flavours are often paired with menthol liquids, to supply an icy kick and sensational throat hit every time. 

They also get used with soft-drink type flavours, to replicate the taste of cherry cola for instance. 

If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, you could combine cherry with pastry and almond flavours, to recreate the taste of popular desserts - such as Cherry Bakewell. 

What brands can I choose from? 

At Cloudstix, we proudly supply e-liquids from a number of renowned brands – including Ace of Vapez, Steep Lyfe Vape, Ohm Brew and our own branded cherry flavours. 

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something in our collection to hit the spot – they all have a lot to offer.