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Aniseed E-Liquid

Aniseed E-Liquid

Do you enjoy the sweet yet aromatic taste of liquorice? If so, you’ll love our aniseed e liquid!

Aniseed is a fascinating flavour that’s mildly spicy and used to flavour food, candy, and drinks. Tasting very similar to liquorice sweets, aniseed-flavoured e-liquid is sure to take you back to your childhood whilst providing you with the desired hit of nicotine.

So, why not give it a go?

Invigorate your senses with aniseed e-liquid

Distinguished by its characteristic flavour, aniseed is not only limited to sweets and confections but is often paired with other nostalgic candy e-juices – offering a tasty vape for vapers old and new.

Whilst aniseed is already a strong flavour that’s guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds, many e-juice manufacturers combine it with icy menthol to give it a more refreshing kick.

For those looking to try something a little different, aniseed vaping liquid works really well with fruity blends. They can add a distinct spiced note to flavours such as summer berries, forest fruits, citrus, blackcurrant, and even banana!

Here at Cloudstix, our aniseed e-juice provides the rich taste of aniseed without being too overpowering. Though it’s bound to leave you wanting more, we supply it in four different nicotine strengths, including:

  • 18mg high-strength
  • 12mg medium-strength
  • 6mg low-strength
  • 0mg nicotine-free

Whether you’re someone who is looking for an aniseed e-liquid to curb your cigarette cravings – making the transition from smoking to vaping easier – or you’re after a flavour that packs plenty of punch, you’re sure to find it here at Cloudstix.

For more information about our aniseed-flavoured e-liquid, contact us. We are always on hand to help and will gladly answer your questions.

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Aniseed FAQs

What does aniseed e-liquid taste like?

Remember those liquorice-flavoured Black Jack sweets you could buy when you were a kid? Well, our aniseed e-liquids are sure to bring those childhood memories flooding back!

Anise (also known as aniseed or sweet cumin) is the seed of the Pimpinella anisum plant. It belongs to the Apiaceous family which also produces vegetables such as carrots, celery, and parsley.

The seeds can be used whole or ground into a powder, and they have a distinct sweet yet fragrant aroma that tastes very similar to liquorice. Depending on which you choose, you may find that our aniseed e-liquid also resembles the strong yet spicy flavour of liquors and spirits, such as Sambuca, Pastis, or Ouzo. 

Who is aniseed e-liquid for?

We must warn you, aniseed e-liquid is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a strong, spicy, and sticky flavour that you’ll either love or loathe.

If you enjoy the taste of liquorice, and you’re looking for an e-liquid that invigorates your tastebuds in just one puff, aniseed e-juice is the perfect flavour for you.

Available in a selection of nicotine strengths, it’s a brilliant option for those who are looking to quit smoking – helping to keep cigarette cravings at arm’s length.

Aniseed e-liquids are also great for vapers seeking an intense flavour that packs so much more than a simple kick and sweet aroma. They can be paired with various nostalgic flavours to suit your palate and are guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

If you need an expert opinion on which aniseed-flavoured e-liquid is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us

How much does aniseed e-liquid cost?

The price you’ll pay for aniseed e-juice can vary depending on the brand, bottle size, and e-liquid strength.

Bear in mind, 120ml shortfill bottles tend to cost more, but they come part filled with nicotine-free e-liquid, meaning you can add as much (or as little) nicotine as you like. Perfect if you’re looking to customise your aniseed vape.

Another thing worth noting is that reputable brands with a positive reputation can command a higher selling price, despite offering similar products to other manufacturers.

Here at Cloudstix, we can assure you that we keep our prices competitive. This allows you to purchase top-quality aniseed e-liquids that tantalise your taste buds and curb your cigarette cravings without breaking the bank.

For a clear idea of how much aniseed e-liquid will cost you, click on the products you’re interested in. Then, choose the most suitable option and the price should update.

How long will a 120ml bottle of aniseed e-liquid last?

Depending on how often you vape and how you vape, aniseed e-liquid can last anywhere up to 2 months.

Typically, the more you vape, the more quickly you’ll use up your e-liquid. That means, if you’re a heavy vaper, you’ll need to buy aniseed e-liquid more frequently than someone who vapes moderately or casually.

Also, if you’re a competitive vaper and use a sub-ohm vape device that requires high temperatures to create huge vapour clouds, you’re more than likely to go through your e-juice quicker. This is because powerful devices vaporise e-liquid at a faster rate.

Our best advice to get the most out of your aniseed vape juice is to make sure that it’s stored properly (ideally in a cold, dark place) when it’s not in use. Always tighten the lid of the 120ml bottle after filling up the tank to prevent spillages and wastages, and ensure the tank is secured to prevent e-liquid leaking into the battery.