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External Chargers

External Chargers

When it comes to battery safety then Cloudstix takes charging cells very seriously. This is the reason why we would only offer you the very best, reliable brand on the market with years of experience in this field. XTAR are by far the most outstanding brand when it comes to safe battery charging and here at Cloudstix we stock the full range of XTAR chargers.


Simply browse through the units or indeed use the product filters to select the number of bays you would like. If you have any questions then our staff are on hand to help.


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Xtar MC1

The XTAR MC1 Charger is extremely compact and..

Ex Tax: £3.30
XTAR Over 4 Slim -42%

XTAR Over 4 Slim

XTAR OVER 4 SLIM The Xtar Over 4 Slim is a ..

£60.00 £34.98
Ex Tax: £29.15

Xtar PB2

Xtar PB2 Portable Charger The perfect accessory..

Ex Tax: £12.45


XTAR ANT MC1 PLUS The XTAR MC1 Plus Charger is..

Ex Tax: £6.66

Xtar MC2

XTAR MC2 Charger The XTAR MC2 charger is the p..

Ex Tax: £8.33
Xtar MC4 Out Of Stock

Xtar MC4

XTAR MC4 Charger The XTAR MC4 charger is the la..

Ex Tax: £12.49
Xtar Queen ANT MC6 Out Of Stock

Xtar Queen ANT MC6

XTAR QUEEN ANT MC6 Charger The XTAR Queen Ant i..

Ex Tax: £16.66

Xtar VC2

XTAR VC2 Charger The XTAR VC2 charger is the w..

Ex Tax: £12.49

xtar VC2 Plus Master

Xtar VC2 Plus Master Charger The latest in cha..

Ex Tax: £15.83
Xtar VC4 4 Bay Charger Out Of Stock

Xtar VC4 4 Bay Charger

Xtar VC4 Charger The XTAR VC4 charger is a comb..

Ex Tax: £18.33