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Molicel Batteries

Molicel Batteries


Looking for the best, hard hitting, long lasting cells that are approved for vaping ? Look no further than Molicel batteries


Molicel batteries have been put to the test by some of the industries most power names including of course Mooch. The results show outstanding performance for vaping with the headline result being for the Molicel P28A. In testing it shows that it outperforms the famous VTC5A at 25amps. With this in mind the Molicel battery brand has already been adopted by some of the largest names in the industry and the range is set to continue to grow.


Cloudstix have been named as an official sub-distributor of the Molicel range and we can service both wholesale and retail customers at the very best prices.


Battery safety is so important these days, Molicel batteries are fully approved for vaping and you will join an army of users that find they are the very best cells ever purchased. Even trumping the performance of some of the more well known battery brands used on the vaping scene. One thing is for sure Molicel mean business and we are proud to be part of their journey.


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Molicel P28A

Molicel P28A - 18650 Battery The Molicel P28A 1..

Ex Tax: £5.42
Molicel 21700 Out Of Stock

Molicel 21700

Molicel 21700 Battery P42a The Molicel 21700 Ba..

Ex Tax: £7.49
Molicel 20700a Out Of Stock

Molicel 20700a

Molicel 20700A - 20700 Battery The Molicel 2070..

Ex Tax: £7.49