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Rhubarb E Liquid

Rhubarb E Liquid

Rhubarb and custard, anyone?

Rhubarb is a prolific and precocious fruit, commonly enjoyed in the springtime. It makes the perfect accompaniment for rich desserts – such as compotes, pies, crumbles, and custard – and its tartness lends itself nicely to savoury dishes and gin.

If you can’t get enough of this tangy fruit, then you’ll love our rhubarb vaping liquid!

Satisfy your cravings with a rhubarb-flavoured e-liquid

Renowned for its bold and distinctive taste, rhubarb e-juice brings a deliciously soft sweetness.

Rhubarb and custard is a classic combination. Our rhubarb and custard e liquid blends the sharp notes of rhubarb with the sweet creaminess of custard, reminiscent of the pink and yellow hard-boiled candies you used to buy as a kid.

Whilst the sweets were often enjoyed on long car journeys, rhubarb e-liquid is perfect for all-day vaping or a sweet treat – and is guaranteed to make your mouth water!

Rhubarb e-liquid pairs nicely with fruit flavours, such as apple, strawberry, orange, and pear – to name just a few. It also goes well with cinnamon and pastry notes, providing an indulgent vape experience.

Our rhubarb e-juice offers:

  • A deliciously sweet yet sour taste
  • A fantastic throat hit, producing huge vapour clouds
  • A choice of nicotine strengths
  • Affordable prices

If you’ve recently quit smoking and are looking for a flavour to curb your cigarette cravings, we’re confident that you’ll find a rhubarb e-liquid to suit your desires here at Cloudstix.

To find out more about the flavours we supply, call us on 0345 257 6544 today.

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Rhubarb FAQs

Is a rhubarb e-liquid right for me?

If you’re a lover of all things sweet and tart, then our rhubarb e-juices are definitely worth a try.

Their sharp, bold flavour is extremely flexible and can be combined with a line-up of other liquids to perfectly capture the taste of your favourite sweet treats.

Our very own rhubarb and custard e-liquid blends the crisp notes of rhubarb with the sweet creaminess of custard, reminiscent of the pink and yellow hard-boiled candies you used to buy as a kid – it’s guaranteed to make your mouth water!

What nicotine strengths are available?

Our delicious rhubarb and custard e-liquid at Cloudstix is available in 4 different nicotine strengths – from high 18mg strengths to completely nicotine free, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re taking up vaping to help you quit smoking, it’ll be best to start off with a higher nicotine strength, to help you manage your cravings (you’re bound to get them) and give you a better chance at ditching the cigarettes for good.

As you notice your cravings going away, you can reduce your nicotine intake as well, and eventually you’ll be able to use a nicotine free liquid comfortably.

Are e-liquids safe?


All of our e-liquids, including our very own rhubarb and custard flavour, are registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and fully comply with the UK safety regulations.

It’s also been confirmed by the NHS and many other health organisations that e-liquids and e-cigarettes are much safter than traditional smoking – they don’t burn tobacco or produce tar and carbon monoxide, two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke.

If you have any queries or concerns, our team are on hand every Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm – give us a call on 0345 257 6544 or email [email protected], we’re more than happy to help!

Can I blend rhubarb e-liquids with other flavours?

The good news is that rhubarb e-liquids are extremely versatile, and they can be blended with a host of other delicious flavours for you to enjoy.

You could pair a rhubarb liquid with soft, fruity flavours like strawberry, orange and pear – just to name a few.

Or, for a unique, indulgent vape experience, blend your rhubarb e-liquid with cinnamon and pastry notes.

The possibilities are endless!